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Choosing an SHP SDR

When choosing a partner for your lead generation, we want you to be confident in choosing Superhuman Prospecting. We aren’t your average SDR company, so let's take this moment to focus on what makes us different from the rest.

Our SDR performance directly correlates with the success level of your lead generation efforts. So, when it comes to representing your brand, we take it very seriously. 

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How We Hire Our SDRs

One of the most difficult challenges organizations face is hiring motivated and high-performing sales reps. After all, top sales reps generate 10 to 20x more than average performers on the same team. But how do you find them? 

The goal is to leverage the right personalities, skills, and industry knowledge to hit and surpass sales targets. Through this knowledge, our SDR leadership developed a multi-step interview process that allows them to score a potential SDR based on experience, personality, and characteristics. This score, along with conversation and role-play helps determine whether a candidate is a good fit for our SDR role. 

How We Onboard Our SDRs

Conducted by our Cold Call Director, SDR Manager, and supported by their assigned SDR Team Leads, all new hire SDRs go through two weeks of onboarding followed by two more weeks of training. 

The first week of onboarding is about making sure the SDR understands company values and standards. SHP’s HR Director guides all new hires through company orientation and makes sure they are comfortable and have all the tools needed to move forward with their training. 

From there, SDRs observe and shadow top sales reps as they complete a 5-course company training program that includes our H2H Sales Scripts Course, an Internal Processes Guide, and a Sales Methodology course designed for a better understanding of sales conversations. At the end of the program, they are given a short written test and sample campaigns to call on before making their first dial, about one month after their start date.  

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How We Train Our SDRs

Unlike other sales jobs, our sales training doesn’t stop at onboarding. Weekly training sessions are held by SDR Team Leads where they can ask questions and learn more about current processes, scripts, and client campaigns. 

As an added layer of protection, SHP Account Managers schedule specialized training sessions with small groups of SDRs to go over basic account information and answer any questions the SDR may have about our client. One-on-one sessions are also held based on areas of opportunity or improvement within a specific campaign. 

For the past few years, we’ve seen a great turnout running multi-day workshops, normally held twice a year during the winter holiday season. These workshops follow a specific theme and are a great (and fun) way for our SDRs to get comprehensive training on techniques, scripts, and processes. 

How We Monitor Performance

With high turnover and mental burnout plaguing the sales industry, we wanted to do things differently here at Superhuman Prospecting.  To keep our SDRs performing at the top of their abilities, we are constantly monitoring and benchmarking their performance metrics on our appointment setting tools and software.

This means looking at the number of overall dials, the Decision-Maker Conversation Rate, Appointment Setting Rate, and Appointments to Confirmation Rates. 

These show how the callers are doing on each level and tell SDR Leadership what needs to be improved or adjusted. To maximize SDR performance and results, primary and dedicated dialers are assigned to specific campaigns based on their specific strengths. 

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Understanding which cold calling metrics to track is necessary to improving your appointment setting results. Learn more about the metrics we track and report on for our clients here.

How We Incentivize & Motivate

Keeping our SDR team motivated and inspired to do their best work is so important for every cold-calling or outsourcing SDR company out there, but unfortunately, it’s not something that’s done across the board. 

Here at SHP, our cold callers are incentivized by writing quality leads that meet a certain set of criteria or requirements. Our Cold Call Director and SDR Manager work to constantly make sure all SDRs have an equal opportunity for success.

Daily and weekly contests are held accordingly to client campaign requirements, resulting in fun prizes and rewards. Extra incentives like Employee of the Month are given to those who go above and beyond.

Quality Control & Support

How do we set the most qualified sales appointments? Through great quality control.

Every appointment that an SDR makes goes into an evaluation form that scores the conversation based on campaign goals, script requirements, tonality, and other marks. Our lead quality team listens to recordings of cold calls before they are sent to our clients to make sure all requirements and criteria are met. 

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