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Sales Development & Prospecting for your small business

As a small business ourselves, we understand the struggles and challenges that come with lead generation for small businesses. We specialize in crafting effective and compelling strategies and scripts to help small business owners generate more sales appointments.

Our team of US-based cold callers and sales strategists allows business owners the ability to focus on building their business, instead of the time-consuming task of prospecting. Whether you are just starting your business or looking to expand, we can set up a custom lead generation campaign to provide consistent and qualified sales appointments.

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How we help

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We Create a Custom Script and Strategy

We will analyze your business and value proposition in order to create an effective script for your campaign. We will then develop and discuss a carefully crafted strategy for the most effective lead generation campaign.

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We Cold call Target Prospects & Set Sales Appointments

Our team of experienced appointment setters will reach out to your b2b prospects over the phone or email to set up sales appointments. This allows you to focus on selling and growing your small business instead of prospecting.

We Analyze Results and Continuously Optimize the Campaign

As part of our process, we will continuously analyze call results and feedback from prospects in order to make any necessary adjustments to the campaign strategy. We will also meet with clients regularly to gather and share valuable feedback and market research.


of using lead generation companies for small businesses

  • Work with a team of experts specialized in sales development and lead genreration
  • Focus on growing your business instead of hiring, managing and prospecting
  • Grow and expand faster with your very own team of sales development representatives
  • Receive valuable feedback and market research regarding your product/service and target market
  • Scale your lead generation campaign quickly when needed
  • Increase your sales and revenue

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