Meet Our Superhuman Team: Hank Almon

Meet Hank Almon, Jr Account Manager here at Superhuman Prospecting.

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Meet SHP Jr. Account Manager, Hank Almon. Hank drives the performance of outreach campaigns by providing our clients with a high level of sales consulting and customer service.

Hank has over 15 years of experience working in diverse sales roles. He began his sales career, first working as a Sales Associate at a car dealership and later running his own landscaping and moving companies. With sales at the heart of all his endeavors, Hank realized he wanted to return to the sales industry and found Superhuman Prospecting not long after.

One of our remote employees, Hank was born and raised in Houston, Texas where he currently resides with his wife and two children. He enjoys spending quality time with his family, writing riffs, and recording original music. Keep reading our Q&A below to learn more about Hank.

What Do You Enjoy Doing When You Are Not Working?

Spending time with my wife and two amazing kids, Myla & Lyric.
As well as working out and living a healthy lifestyle.

What’s The Best Piece Of Sales Advice You’ve Heard Recently?

Learning to connect with people- great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.

Are You An Early Bird Or Night Owl?

I am an early bird.

If You Could Live Anywhere In The World For A Year For Free, Where Would You Choose?

I think I would choose right here in Texas.

Tell Us What Inspires You, Or Provide Your Favorite Inspirational Quote. 

My kids are my inspiration for everything I do.
As for work, I love the saying, “approach each client with the idea of helping to solve a problem or achieve a goal.” That inspires me to always be thinking of new ways to help our clients.

What Motivates You To Do What You Do Here and How You Contribute to the Customer Experience.

The team I work with here at SHP is always motivating me.
I am all about helping clients have a peaceful experience. Understanding who they are, what they do, and creating an emotional connection, and leaving a good impression.

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