Meet Our Superhuman Team: John Stango

Meet John Stango, our Superhuman Sales Manager. He manages our New Business Sales Department.

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Meet John, SHP Sales Manager! Ask him about his role here and he’ll tell you his primary responsibility is to make our office more attractive with his good looks and charming personality. (In addition to generating new business revenue, of course.) Whether he’s speaking with potential clients or our internal call team, his extensive knowledge and love for sales always shines through.

John has been building and coaching sales & customer service teams for Fortune 250 and multi-million dollar companies for over 15 years and still loves it. For him, there’s nothing better than coaching people to their strengths, seeing them achieve their goals, and being a part of the positive outcome. Closing large, long-term deals, and helping clients grow is pretty awesome too!

A genuine “people person” John is a great mentor and friend to many- but a forewarning – don’t be in his way on the road! He resides in the Philadelphia area with his lovely wife and adorable son.

Call us or click the chat box in the corner to set an appointment with John. Keep reading for his Q & A below:

Q & A with John Stango

What Do You Enjoy Doing When You Are Not Working?

Spending time with my 7-year-old, Oliver. SURF FISHING! Cooking. My garden.

What’s The Best Piece Of Sales Advice You’ve Heard Recently?

“Embrace the Suck” – Rich Thomas (3/31/2022)

Are You An Early Bird Or Night Owl?

Early bird. 6:30 am or earlier when fishing.

If You Could Live Anywhere In The World For A Year For Free, Where Would You Choose?

You know that meme where they say, “you can have 1 million dollars if you live on this island, but you cannot access any devices for a year…”. I want that Island. Wherever it is. I just need salt, sand, water, and my fishing gear.

Tell us what inspires you, or provide your favorite inspirational quote.

“You can’t do that.” – A lot of people. I hear that and I go into “Oh Yeah?” mode. Then look out!

What Motivates You To Do What You Do Here At SHP? How Do You Contribute To A Positive Customer Experience?

Opportunity. The challenge of growing a business and providing jobs and security to those that want it. Being a “consultative” salesperson and sales leader is what I think adds to the customer experience. When I hear a customer say, “I never thought of that,” I know I consulted. I didn’t “sell.” 

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