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B2B sales agency using a proven, done-for-you process, an experienced, US-based team of SDR's and a sales methodology developed specifically for cold outreach to generate qualified sales leads and appointments.
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Who we are

Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation Services

Superhuman Prospecting is a US-based team of sales prospecting experts built to support your in-house sales team. We focus on quality by hiring experienced SDRs using a tested and thorough process. Every cold caller is trained and certified in our H2H Sales Script Methodology to ensure consistency and quality. We create custom outbound prospecting campaigns focused on providing quality leads, opportunities and sales appointments based on your specific needs and qualifications. As an extension of your sales team, Superhuman Prospecting’s SDR as a service provides a team of cold callers that represent your business as if they were your own employees.

What We Offer

An Extension of Your Sales Team

Cold Calling Services

US-based cold calling to generate leads, appointments or conduct market research

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting via cold calls and emails to support your sales team

Lead Generation

Lead generation services provide warm, qualified leads for your sales team

List Building

Custom prospect list building to use for cold call or cold email outreach

Why Choose Us

Quality Driven, Strategic Cold Conversations

Month-to-Month Contracts

Our agreements are flexible, scalable and do not require a long-term commitment.

Affordable & Accessible Pricing

Our packages are customized to fit your needs and provide the lowest starting rates for US-based cold callers.

US-Based Cold Callers

All cold callers are based in the US, hired directly, trained and supported on daily and weekly basis.

Custom Script Writing

Using our unique H2H Sales Scripts Methodology, we write custom scripts for every prospecting campaign.

Full-Time Quality Control Team

Our quality control team uses a scoring system to analyze and certify every lead and appointment for clients.

Transparent Real-Time Reporting

We provide a transparent dashboard that allows you to view the call results and metrics in real-time.

Sales Development To Fit Your Needs

Choose A Call Focused or Full Service SDR Outreach Campaign

Two cold calling service packages provide flexible and affordable options to create the campaign that is the best fit for your business. We also offer low-cost pilot options so you can start small.

Quality Cold Calls

Affordable Cold Calling Services To Get Started Easily

Our Flex Subscriptions are best for companies looking to increase their outbound prospecting with cold calls but no emails.
Multichannel Outreach

Premium SDR Services Combining Cold Calls & Emails

Best for companies looking for a full-service SDR campaign to add calls, emails and lead nurturing to their outbound prospecting.
Human to Human Conversations

The H2H Sales Scripts™ Methodology

The H2H Sales Scripts™ methodology is the sales language and conversation structure used by the client SDR team at Superhuman Prospecting to build value with prospects and encourage them to move to next steps when they are on the phone representing your business. It is the first and only fully comprehensive methodology on cold calling covering everything from philosophy to strategy, to values, to frameworks. 


Client Reviews

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Reach out to our team to learn more about outsourced sales prospecting.

All of our cold callers and sales development reps are based in the United States. 

Our People and our Process is what separates our sales agency from the rest.

  1. We start with hiring a team of US-based cold callers with backgrounds in sales development. We then train them, develop them, and manage their performance to constantly improve their results.
  2. Our process is based on our H2H Sales Script Methodology, which allows us to implement best practices developed from years of experience and hundreds of thousands of cold calls.

We specialize in having B2B cold sales conversations which provides more value, better quality sales leads and sales appointments and the ability to scale and grow using data and results.

Very likely! We have experience cold calling in mostly all B2B industries. Additionally, since we focus primarily on the top-of-the-funnel, our specialty is understanding your value proposition and crafting an effective script and strategy that works towards setting up the next steps, not selling your product or service. We go through an onboarding process where we discuss the key points that allow us to have quality conversations with your prospects and handle the most common objections to increase conversions.

Yes, our Premium SDR package includes email outreach to complement and support our cold calling and sales prospecting efforts.

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we work closely with a law firm specialized in telemarketing to make sure we are up to date on all new or updated regulations. We are TCPA compliant and make sure to scrub every list against the Do Not Call List and a regularly updated Litigator List. Finally, we only use a manually dialing system as predictive/parallel dialers are not allowed in certain states.

SDR as a Service (sales development rep) refers to outsourcing the sales development function of a company to a specialized service provider. Sales development is the process of identifying and qualifying potential leads or prospects, typically through outbound prospecting activities such as cold calling and cold email outreach.

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