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Commercial Insurance Leads & Sales Appointments

Superhuman Prospecting is a cold calling and appointment setting company that works with B2B insurance agencies to help generate more sales opportunities. We have a lot experience providing workers comp leads, business insurance leads and other types of commercial insurance leads.

Unlike other insurance lead companies, we don’t sell leads generated from generic websites.  We create custom sales development campaigns to reach out to your target client profile to generate insurance leads and set up qualified sales appointments with your team. Our team of expert, US-based cold callers understand conversation methods and techniques better than other telemarketers and will call prospects as if they work directly for your agency.

Project Objective

To develop a sustainable, ongoing sales development appointment setting via cold calling and inside sales support to fill the sales pipeline for 2 account executives to run appointments with prospective insurance buyers in select industries.

Company Profile

Our client, a commercial insurance company, is focused on risk management and is based out of the Midwest. They have been in business 20 years providing commercial, specialized, and personal insurance with a consultative approach. This client has utilized outbound prospecting and appointment setting as a strategy for business in the past, but seeks a partner for complete outsourced service.

Scope of Work

This client engaged Superhuman Prospecting (SHP) in the Summer of 2019 to deploy an outbound sales development project to sustain account executive schedules for running appointments. Opportunities created by SHP would be set in a account and integrated to our client’s calendars.


Ongoing Monthly Partnership | Commercial Insurance Company

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“What’s most exciting to me about this client is how our team showed resolve to make the project work. They took responsibility for the goals at hand, created strategies, tested them, and tightened up processes responsible for increasing results in each market on a month to month basis.

While we did see early success, we gave our client confidence in our process that increased the size and complexity of the project. Our ability to focus on continuous improvement has resulted in long term dividends for both parties.”

-Ryan S. Pereus, CEO, Superhuman Prospecting 

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Your Insurance Lead Generation Team

Superhuman Prospecting’s insurance lead generation service provides your agency with their very own sales development and cold calling team. Here is what we provide:

  1. Custom script & strategy crafted for your target client profile
  2. Sales Development Reps experienced in insurance lead generation
  3. Commercial insurance leads and qualified Appointments with target prospects

Our team is experienced in providing business insurance leads and workers comp leads in a variety of verticals and markets. We can help you reduce your time spent on recruiting and hiring, while helping you scale your business faster.

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What our Customers are Saying About Us

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Dhanur Sapolia Founder, Tech Consulting Firm

With the help of the Superhuman Prospecting team's comprehensive process, we were able to get more leads into our sales funnel. The clients that I have now wouldn't have been possible without SHP's help

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Andrew Zai President, Commercial Plumbing Co.

They helped me generate some leads for my plumbing business. The campaign was very well structured and organized, and they had great customer service, easy to get a hold of and communicative.

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Kahl Orr Owner, Digital Marketing Co.

Superhuman Prospecting ran our first outbound cold call campaign and we're pleased with the results. Our pitch was very nuanced and their team put in the effort to really understand how to communicate our value proposition. Will be back for more.

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Shane Dredge Regional Manager, 2-10 Home Buyers

Superhuman Prospecting is a tremendous value when it comes to turning a sales campaign over to a 3rd party and really all of the services they provide. The accountability, communication, flexibility and leadership are tremendous. Our company is using them on a long term contract because of these reasons. Highly recommended

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March Jae Sales Director

I give 5 Star to Superhuman Prospecting because of the results they produced for my project which was very challenging to start with. Very detail oriented and transparent. Definitely the marketing company that you can build a long term relationship with

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Ginger Jones Owner, Care Management Consulting Co.

The team at Superhuman Prospecting was a pleasure to work with. They had no trouble meeting deadlines and were helpful in making suggestions to alter our campaign.

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Tyler Shaw Sales Partner, Digital Marketing Co.

We have been using superhuman for the past two weeks and they have been a pleasure working with. They are setting up ideal meetings for us. Very pleased with them this far. I look forward to seeing the results they can bring us!! 10/10 recommend, I believe their services will be a game changer to our sales organization!

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Corinne Butler Director of Sales, CBD Company

John and the team were great to work with, highly recommend.

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Dan Schwartz Owner, Ecommerce Company

Worked perfectly for the job we needed them for. Super prompt and on top of everything. Highly recommended.

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Scott Clark Owner, Online Directory

We saw a huge success from the campaigns with Superhuman Prospecting. I'd highly recommend them for your prospecting needs.

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Ben Wilkin Sales Consultant, Laboratory Testing Co.

I've been working with Ryan and his group and Superhuman for over 2 years. Excellent work, service, responsiveness, etc. I would recommend to anyone needing sales support.

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