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Our cold calling scripts are custom crafted using The H2H Method to provide higher quality conversations and results.

The H2H Method

Cold Calling Scripts Based On Philosophies and Strategies

The H2H Method is a system that accelerates success with client SDRs who call on SHP client campaigns to double industry averages. The method was created from 6 years of studying thousands of cold call campaigns across the entire B2B segment. Through empirical and anecdotal analysis of what works and what doesn’t, philosophies and strategies were developed to reflect what was working, forming itself into strategic conversation frameworks ready to input any product or service relevant to its respective market.

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Benefits of the h2h method

Cold Call Scripts For Higher Performing Conversations

The team at SHP has a head start over other agencies and firms who use basic scripts or accept scripts from Chat GPT because they are based in a method already founded in human to human cold call success

Once they strengthen their muscle memory, they can perform as good or higher performing than most inhouse sales development reps. Our successful campaign appointment setting percentage range (on number of raw dials) is from 0.25% (1 in .ever 400 calls) to 16% (1 in every 8 calls) with an average of 1%.

Best in Class Quality. Affordable Pricing.

As one of the top appointment setting companies in the US, we set out to offer the most affordable packages, without sacrificing quality.

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How We Use the H2H Method for clients

Different Script Frameworks Based On Client Strategy

SHP Client SDRs are H2H method certified, completing courses, group, and 1 on 1 training with management. SHP account management strategists work with clients directly to identify which H2H scripting conversation framework will most likely convert most quickly.

The 5 frameworks found through empirical research are the Consultative Conversation Framework (CCF), the No Bull Script, the Stacking Script, the Survey Script, and the Compound Script. Each have their own interest-building or qualifying purpose based on client strategy and likelihood of success with prospect.

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