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The H2H Sales Script Methodolgy

“The H2H Sales Scripts™ methodology is the sales language and conversation structure used by the client SDR team at Superhuman Prospecting to build value with prospects and encourage them to move to next steps when they are on the phone representing your business.” 

H2H stands for human-to-human and is embedded with belief and confidence in the movement to add humanity into sales processes and positions that have in some way been seemingly denounced and neglected for years.

The H2H Sales Scripts, developed by Pereus Marketing, have been built as a guardrail for beginners to seasoned sales professionals for translating professional sales messaging into an easy to use conversation format for 21st century sales conversations.

Eliminate the Salesman Stigma With Our Sales Scripts

Our scripts are custom-crafted to build trust and rapport, unlike methods of past eras.

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The Trust Umbrella

Here are the ways trust must be established before anything else can be done:

Trust must come first in the sales process, or nothing else can happen. Especially in outbound sales development–In first contact, in cold introductions, in cold calls.

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The 4 Core Components of a Cold Call

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Quick Prop

A greeting, a description of our offer, and a lite benefit


Shift the decision makers attention to the right frame of mind to think in so they understand the direction of the conversation​

Hone In

An ensuing discovery question immediately following the QP


To get the decision maker talking and to learn about the use status of the product or service we are calling about

Call Prop

A customized statement delivering the most value in relation to how and why our product or service can help our prospect specifically.


Spark interest in our offering

Next Steps

Identification of what step can be taken to move new business relationship forward


Encourage prospect to see value in more communication after first call

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H2H Sales Scripts by Pereus Marketing is the methodology and language used by SHP SDRs and is a re-launch of the CUSTOM script writing services that has helped over 2500 companies in over 50 industries grow their business. 

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The opportunity we have to rectify the name of sales, no matter how bad, is based in one of the fundamental, natural laws of the buyer and seller relationship — TRUST.

Trust is the catalyst in changing how we speak to other humans when connecting buyers to value in the 21st century.

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Outsource trust. Trust is everything in sales.
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