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Lead Generation for SAAS & Technology

Superhuman Prospecting is a lead generation company that specializes in setting qualified sales appointments with saas, technology and enterprise B2B decision makers. 

Our team of US-based cold callers has extensive experience working with new saas & technology startups as well as larger, enterprise companies looking for growth. We can create a custom outbound strategy to help launch your business or we can complement your current tech or saas marketing strategy to provide additional sales support. We have completed hundreds of campaigns and our technology and saas cold calling experience spans across a variety of industries and verticals.

How We Help Your Sales Team

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We Provide a Sales Development Team to Meet Your needs

Our Sales Development Representative (SDR) Service allows you to choose the amount of output you need based on an equivalent SDR’s capabilities, while also having an entire US-based team with experience at your disposal.

We develop a custom, multi-touch outbound campaign

Our Sales Strategists analyze your business and develop a multi-touch outbound strategy using various methods that include phone calls, emails and/or LinkedIn, and will integrate with your current technology or saas marketing strategy.

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We analyze results, refine our process & scale up when ready

Our lead generation campaigns are constantly analyzed and optimized to consistently improve results. We have weekly meetings to discuss opportunities on how we can help improve your technology or saas sales process or scale up the team.

SAAS & Technology Lead Generation Experience

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