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Increase Your Appointments with our Cold Calling Service

The difference with Superhuman Prospecting is our ability to connect humans to products and services better than those who have been trained in old school sales techniques or antiquated telemarketing methods. We have redefined and recreated the cold call service industry that was left for “dead.”

Cold calling isn’t dead as long as our humanity is alive!

Human-to-human lead generation is how we are redefining the term for telemarketing, cold calling, and appointment setting in the 21st Century. Let us reach out to your B2B prospects via our cold calling service to generate leads so you can build your business.

We have experience cold calling in multiple B2B industries.
A few examples:

  • Automotive
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Technology & Software
  • IT Cloud & Security Solutions
  • Law Firms
  • Food Service
  • Education
  • Property Management
  • Small Business
  • Unique Industries

Our cold calling service can help your company increase sales through more efficient and effective lead generation and appointment setting. Your sales professionals can focus on making the sales, while we handle all of the cold calling. 

Included in every cold calling campaign

Custom Script & Messaging

Carefully Crafted Strategy

Multiple Calls & Touches

Regular Feedback Sessions

Qualified Appointments

The “RPMC Pitch” uses conversation methods that not only create appointments, but also build trust.

  • We are assertive, not aggressive
  • Our appointment setters are encouraging, not pushy
  • We are fierce, not harmful
  • Our cold callers utilize “emotional attunement” to match our prospect’s energy
  • Sell the appointment, not the product/service

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What Our Customers are saying about us

Was very pleased with the effort of the entire team. Will recommend them to others that may have a similar need.
Will Shelley
Will Shelley
17:58 05 Mar 19
Great team of marketers over at RPMC, from Ryan to Dennys. They were able to help me with our home show event and worked diligently to set leads and appointments. Have used them for multiple events and they have exceed expectations.
Adam Parnes
Adam Parnes
14:41 14 Feb 19
Ryan and his team at RPMC are amazing! We've had the pleasure of meeting everyone in person. Working with them has allowed our company to gain new clarity on our customer base and how to acquire consistent new business. What impresses me the most, is that Ryan consistently and genuinely cares about both his customers and his staff. You can tell the quality of a company by it's leadership and culture, RPMC has both. They are professional and put their heart and soul into their work. Thanks so much RPMC!
Hadar Interiors Inc.
Hadar Interiors Inc.
23:14 14 Jan 19
I really enjoyed working with Ryan and his team. The communication was excellent from beginning to end of our first project together. We will definitely be working with Ryan again on future projects! I highly recommend Pereus Marketing.
Jason Valasek
Jason Valasek
17:30 29 Aug 18
Ryan provided another consultation for our team on gatekeeper scripts and strategy to help bolster our sales development department for the year. Thank you again and look forward to more.
Aryanoos Visualization Studios
Aryanoos Visualization Studios
00:18 07 Jan 19
Ryan and his team are top notch professionals! I couldn’t be more pleased with the campaigns and service. I highly recommend RPMC.
Brian K. Fowler
Brian K. Fowler
22:19 07 Sep 18
Ryan and his team outperformed my expectations by a long shot. They also outperformed typical cold call statistics by a huge margin. I think the main reason why they got such great results is the fact that they have a big team of real humans (not some software) that do the calls. They did everything from the script, to reporting, to the calls themselves. I also think a big success factor was that they call every contact up to 3 times and not just once. The communication was superb as well. 10/10 recommended for anybody that needs a team of really good cold callers/appointment setters.
Lukas Vizenetz
Lukas Vizenetz
15:22 07 May 19
Great work by Ryan and his team, I highly recommend his services!
Earl Diem
Earl Diem
14:55 05 Jul 19

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