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As a B2B cold calling company, we offer US-based cold callers that support your sales team by providing outbound prospecting to fill your sales pipeline with quality leads and appointments.

Best in Class Cold Calling Services to Support Your Lead Generation and Sales

Engaging with prospects can be challenging, which is why we have always specialized and focused on providing cold calling services as our #1 method of outreach. It’s our most effective channel but we also offer multichannel prospecting to maximize results based on your target market, product or service and outreach goals.

Our cold calling services have always relied on our ability to craft scripts and strategies that focus on building trust and delivering each client’s unique value proposition, which results in higher quality leads and sales appointments. While we offer a multichannel approach, our quality conversations and human to human interactions have the biggest impact in our prospecting campaigns.


Superhuman SDR's

How it Works

Done For You Cold Calling Service

Our cold calling service starts with a thorough and proven process to set your team up for success, maximize results and optimize the campaign. This is a collaborative process to make sure we create a strategy that fits each client’s specific needs. Our cold calling process also includes multiple steps of quality control to ensure leads and appointments meet certain standards.

Custom Script & Strategy

Custom cold calling scripts crafted using our H2H Sales Script Methodology and your unique value proposition

Multiple Calls & Touches

Multiple rounds of calls to increase conversation rates and appointments by experienced cold callers

Regular Feedback Sessions

Regular meetings to analyze and optimize the campaign variables to continuously improve quality and results

Qualified Appointments

Set appointments with decision-makers that meet pre-determined qualifications to provide quality opportunities

About SHP

A Cold Calling Company That's An Extension of Your Team

Superhuman Prospecting is a cold call agency specializing in high quality outbound prospecting. We act as an extension of your sales team to provide qualified sales appointments by reaching out to your prospects as if we work directly for you. Our strategists act as your sales manager and work in collaboration with you to create a custom script and strategy, using The H2H Method, that is focused on highlighting your company’s unique features and benefits. Our packages are also typically more cost-effective than if you were to hire a cold caller in-house.

Why Choose Us

Quality Driven, Strategic Cold Conversations

Month-to-Month Contracts

There are no long-term agreements so you can choose the package that's the best fit and stay as long as you like.

Affordable & Accessible Pricing

We offer flexible packages at affordable rates based on the volume of dials with low-cost options for smaller companies.

US-Based Cold Callers

We only hire cold callers based in the USA. Every caller is trained and certified in our H2H Sales Methodology.

Pilot Projects or Large Volume

Our cold calling service can provide as little as 300 dials per month or as much as 10,000 dials per month.

Full-Time Quality Control Team

A dedicated quality control team uses a scoring system to certify every lead and appointment for clients.

Transparent Real-Time Reporting

We measure and track various data points and provide a real-time dashboard showing results.

Cold Calling Campaigns for Small, Medium and Enterprise

Since 2017, Superhuman Prospecting has cold called for over a thousand B2B companies ranging in size and experience. Our cold calling services can be tailored to provide a custom strategy and volume to fit all stages of businesses.

We've cold called for over 900 companies globally
Affordable & Accessible Pricing

Cold Calling Package Options To Fit Your Needs

Most cold calling companies offer expensive, all-or-nothing packages that aren’t always a fit for every business. Our cold calling service was designed to be flexible to only offer the services you actually need at a price that fits your budget. We offer 2 main options: our Flex Subscription or our Premium SDR Subscription. These are also customized based on volume, so you can choose the number of cold calls and options that work for you and your company.

Flex Subscription

Premium SDR

Call center, computer training and people or manager with technical support, system management and

Cold Calling Services for All B2B Industries & Verticals

Our cold calling service has generated leads and sales appointments for companies in all industries. Each cold calling campaign is uniquely crafted to communicate each company’s value proposition to their ideal target market providing our SDR’s the best opportunity to spark interest and produce results in any vertical. Reach out to our team and request a case study in your industry.

The H2H Method

Cold Calling Starts With An Effective Script And We Wrote The Book On It!

Why is that important for you?
Because nowhere in public circulation is there a global method on cold calling designed for the entire B2B marketplace that covers topics from philosophy, values, strategies, tactics, and frameworks that earns double the rate of industry averages.
Yes, we have seen The H2H Method® double industry rates. How?
By separating sales expertise from personality. Scripts and methods from consultants can fall short for the masses because they are usually designed for one person calling for just a handful of markets. H2H is designed for scale, identifying what works with humans vs what works for the individual personalities.

Client Reviews

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Reach out to our team to learn more about cold calling services.

A cold calling service is a business or agency that specializes in outbound prospecting via phone calls to potential customers or clients. The primary goal of cold calling is to gather information, create interest, generate leads or set up appointments for sales representatives.

Absolutely! However, there are a lot of factors that play a role in the success of a cold calling campaign.

For cold calling to work, we feel there are 4 crucial elements:

  1. Product Relevance: How relevant is the product to the market? Do people want or need it?
  2. Target Market Accuracy: Is the target list exact? How close can it be to the market most receptive via cold calling?
  3. Messaging Strength: How well does the sales copy resonate with the list being called?
  4. SDR Fit: How well can the sales dev rep perform with the target prospect with whom they are speaking?

Before you hire a cold caller, reach out to us to learn more!

All of our cold callers and sales development reps are based in the United States. We also only hire cold callers as direct employees instead of freelancers.

Superhuman Prospecting has one of the most experienced teams in the industry. Our cold callers have an average tenure of 1.5 years at SHP, which is far beyond industry averages. We accomplish this by first recruiting and hiring individuals with backgrounds, experiences and personalities best fit for the role. We also offer extensive training, development and growth opportunities. This leads to quality cold callers that can provide quality conversations for our clients.

Very likely! We have experience cold calling in mostly all B2B industries.  Reach out to our team and request a case study that may be more specific to your business.

Yes, we can incorporate email and LinkedIn outreach to complement and support our cold calling efforts.

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