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At Superhuman Prospecting, we work closely with our clients to create custom lead generation campaigns that result in qualified b2b leads that drive company revenue and provide superpower for your sales process!

We have an experienced team of superhuman salespeople that can engage in higher level sales conversations for more effective lead generation campaigns.

lead generation services
Some of the industries we have generated leads for:

Why Outsource your B2B Lead Generation

b2b lead generation

Reduce Costs

It's cost effective and let's you spend less time and money compared to hiring a sales development representative

b2b lead generation

Increase Sales

Our lead generation services provide consistent, qualified b2b leads that allow businesses to grow their sales

Expand & Scale

Our team can scale your lead generation efforts in a matter of days, allowing you to grow quicker and more efficiently

Why choose Superhuman Prospecting:

Superhuman Prospecting was launched to provide businesses with higher intelligence sales development conversations for the future of cold calling and prospecting.

We offer a variety of Human-Based Outbound Services for B2B Companies in a variety of industries. Our goal is to become your outsourced superhuman sales team so you can focus on growing your business and increasing your revenues.

My favorite thing about working at Superhuman is that it challenges my sales abilities. Working on different campaigns has forced me to be able to change gears quickly. I can definitely say my skill set has become more well rounded since starting at Superhuman!

Matthew Bush - Call Team Member

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