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Superhuman Prospecting is an outsourced appointment setting company supporting B2B sales teams with more qualified opportunities to fill their pipeline.

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Appointment Setting Services To Fuel Your Growth

Outsourcing B2B appointment setting services allow companies to expand their client base, gain greater market share and achieve accelerated business growth. Superhuman Prospecting uses updated techniques to set appointments with qualified B2B clients, giving companies the opportunity to focus on sales.

  1. Increase your B2B appointments, without hiring
  2. Improve company efficiency by focusing on selling
  3. Increase or decrease appointments depending on needs

Your B2B Appointment Setting Team

Our specialty is outbound prospecting. Our b2b appointment setting process
has been developed to help you generate more sales qualified opportunities and warm leads to fill your pipeline. 

Experienced B2B Appointment Setters

Our appointment setting team has years of experience with an average tenure of 1.5 years. Our lead generation experts are all US based and all have an understanding of American customs and culture.

Multiple Industries

Our call center has the experience and ability to set appointments with a broad base of customers across diverse industries. We work with B2B clients in all industries and levels of management.

Custom Scripts

We analyze your business and create custom, cold calling scripts that work. We take your message and our expertise and create a script that will convey your product or service professionally.

Prospecting Lists

If needed, we can provide highly accurate prospecting lists sourced specifically for your campaign. We use a variety of resources and methods to source lists based on your ideal client profile for the best appointment setting results.

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Ramp Up Quicker by Using Appointment Setting Companies

According to studies, it takes the average sales development representative an average of 3 months to ramp up to full productivity. This time can be costly to an organization, especially since many SDR's leave their jobs within a few months. An outsource appointment setting company like, Superhuman Prospecting, uses experienced outbound b2b appointment setters that are able to ramp up in a matter of days, allowing projects to get started quickly.

Why Choose SHP For Appointment Setting Services

We specialize in connecting people to the services and products you provide by maintaining a strategic, purpose-filled conversation, while offering flexibility in adapting to your specific industry. We focus on selling the appointment to the customer, not your service or product.

Superhuman Prospecting's outsourced B2B appointment setting allows companies to focus on selling while we provide a lead generation process.  Our highly-trained appointment setters will keep your sales people busy with high quality, warm sales leads and opportunities, allowing you to maximize your profits. 

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What our Customers are Saying About Us

Dhanur Sapolia Founder, Tech Consulting Firm

With the help of the Superhuman Prospecting team's comprehensive process, we were able to get more leads into our sales funnel. The clients that I have now wouldn't have been possible without SHP's help

Andrew Zai President, Commercial Plumbing Co.

They helped me generate some leads for my plumbing business. The campaign was very well structured and organized, and they had great customer service, easy to get a hold of and communicative.

Kahl Orr Owner, Digital Marketing Co.

Superhuman Prospecting ran our first outbound cold call campaign and we're pleased with the results. Our pitch was very nuanced and their team put in the effort to really understand how to communicate our value proposition. Will be back for more.

Paul Quintana President, Managed IT Service Co.

Ryan and his team are all stars. We have worked with several of them and they all have great attitudes and are determined to win you business. The campaigns we have done have all gotten us results. Thank you Ryan, we appreciate your diligence and support!

Shane Dredge Regional Manager, 2-10 Home Buyers

Superhuman Prospecting is a tremendous value when it comes to turning a sales campaign over to a 3rd party and really all of the services they provide. The accountability, communication, flexibility and leadership are tremendous. Our company is using them on a long term contract because of these reasons. Highly recommended

March Jae Sales Director

I give 5 Star to Superhuman Prospecting because of the results they produced for my project which was very challenging to start with. Very detail oriented and transparent. Definitely the marketing company that you can build a long term relationship with

Ginger Jones Owner, Care Management Consulting Co.

The team at Superhuman Prospecting was a pleasure to work with. They had no trouble meeting deadlines and were helpful in making suggestions to alter our campaign.

Tyler Shaw Sales Partner, Digital Marketing Co.

We have been using superhuman for the past two weeks and they have been a pleasure working with. They are setting up ideal meetings for us. Very pleased with them this far. I look forward to seeing the results they can bring us!! 10/10 recommend, I believe their services will be a game changer to our sales organization!

Corinne Butler Director of Sales, CBD Company

John and the team were great to work with, highly recommend.

Dan Schwartz Owner, Ecommerce Company

Worked perfectly for the job we needed them for. Super prompt and on top of everything. Highly recommended.

Scott Clark Owner, Online Directory

We saw a huge success from the campaigns with Superhuman Prospecting. I'd highly recommend them for your prospecting needs.

Ben Wilkin Sales Consultant, Laboratory Testing Co.

I've been working with Ryan and his group and Superhuman for over 2 years. Excellent work, service, responsiveness, etc. I would recommend to anyone needing sales support.

A Few Appointment Setting Services Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Reach out to our team to learn more about outsourced appointment setting services.

Unlike many other appointment setting companies, all of our outbound b2b appointment setters are based in the United States.

B2B appointment setting is the final stage of the prospecting journey. At this stage, the prospect has agreed to meet with a sales executive, at a specific date and time, after understanding the value proposition, expressing interest in hearing more and met certain qualifications that are defined upfront to ensure that it's a quality sales opportunity.

Outbound prospecting can be a challenging process to implement internally. Recruiting, hiring, training and managing a team of appointment setters is time-consuming and costly. Using an outsourced appointment setting service can allow you the opportunity to partner with an experienced team that understands prospecting and can implement an outbound campaign quickly and effectively. Superhuman Prospecting offers B2B appointment setting for all industries. Our appointment setters are skilled in cold conversations and our process has be refined to focus on generating quality opportunities that lead to ROI. We become an extension of your team and focus on supporting your sales team by allowing them to focus on what they do best, closing deals.

All types! While we only offer B2B appointment setting services, we work with companies of all sizes and industries. We have had success with entrepreneurs and startups implementing small campaigns as well as large corporations that require high call volumes. Our services typically offer a lot more flexibility than other appointment setting companies, and we can usually create a campaign that fits your needs and budget.

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