B2B Appointment Setting

a different approach to cold calling & Lead Generation

Appointment Setting That Produces Results!

Outsourcing B2B appointment setting services allows companies to expand their client base, gain greater market share and achieve accelerated business growth. Superhuman Prospecting uses updated techniques to set appointments with qualified B2B clients, giving companies the opportunity to focus on sales.

  • Increase your B2B appointments, without hiring
  • Improve company efficiency by focusing on Selling
  • Increase or decrease appointments depending on needs

What We Offer:

sales development rep technology

Experienced B2B Appointment Setters

Our call center staff has years of experience and will represent your company seamlessly. Our lead generation experts are all US based with native accents and full understanding of American customs and culture.

Custom Scripts

We analyze your business and create custom, cold calling scripts that work. We take your message and our expertise and create a script that will convey your product or service professionally.


Our call center has the experience and ability to set appointments with a broad base of customers across diverse industries. We work with B2B clients in all industries and levels of management.

Why choose Superhuman Prospecting:

We specialize in connecting people to the services and products you provide by maintaining a strategic, purpose-filled conversation, while offering flexibility in adapting to your specific industry. We focus on selling the appointment to the customer, not your service or product.

Superhuman Prospecting allows companies to focus on selling their products or services, saving them time and money.  Our highly-trained appointment setters will keep your sales people busy with high quality, warm sales leads, allowing you to maximize your profits. If you need to expand your cold calling or need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your B2B appointment setting, contact us  today or give us a call and see how we can improve your lead generation effort.

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