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Superhuman Prospecting specializes in sourcing and generating B2B sales leads lists using high quality Superhuman Sales™ data.

Prospecting List Building

Better List Quality with Superhuman Sales™ Data

Every successful cold calling and lead generation strategy starts with a quality sales leads list. Superhuman Sales™ uses a variety of sources, databases, tools and researchers to generate a custom leads list of your target client profiles. All of our marketing lists are manually checked to ensure that all criteria were met with the highest quality data. Whether you are cold calling on your own or using our outsourced prospecting team, adding our data can help provide better results.

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Sales Leads Lists Based on Your Ideal Client Profile

Before we begin, each client fills out a detailed form that provides our team with an in-depth understanding of your target market. We then source your cold calling list using those various criteria to produce high quality contacts based on your ideal client profile.

Best in class quality. Affordable and accessible pricing.

Superhuman Prospecting provides high quality cold calling services at a fraction of the cost of other agencies or hiring internally. Schedule a call to learn more.

Where Does Data Come From?

All B2B Lead Lists are Built Manually Using Multiple Sources

Superhuman Prospecting has access to multiple sales leads databases that can source accurate contact information based on a variety of criteria. We have also invested in different tools that use artificial intelligence and web scraping technology to source and generate harder to find b2b sales leads. For the more unique cold calling lists, we have several experts specialized in manually researching and scouring the internet for sales contacts.

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Data Enrichment

Enrich Your Prospecting List with Current Data

In addition to sourcing quality sales leads, we also provide data cleansing services or we can enrich your current prospect list to provide phone numbers, emails, LinkedIn links or any other additional contact information you require. Our team of expert researchers can also source unique or more specific b2b contacts that are harder to find using traditional methods.


Client Reviews

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Reach out to our team to learn more about building your prospecting lists.

Building a quality prospecting list can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days depending on the criteria. Since we build lists on-demand and based on your unique criteria, the amount of time to build the list can vary.

Absolutely! We scrub all of our contact lists against the Federal Do Not Call list as well as a constantly updated litigator list.

Yes, we can. However, the amount of direct phone numbers depends on the target market, size of company and titles being sourced.

We have generated lists in nearly all B2B industries. Because our lists are sourced manually, we can use different resources for different criteria.

No we do not, we only provide lists for business contacts.

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