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The Importance of Gatekeepers for Decision Maker Conversations

If you think gatekeepers and automated phone systems are for the birds, think again! Conversations with gatekeepers are so important because they can be the difference between a high & low level of decision maker conversations! Understanding whether to pass through or engage gatekeepers, how to work automated phone systems; and knowing back access ways to decision maker direct lines can be that difference between hitting your goals or not! At Superhuman Prospecting, we are easily seeing rates of 1 in every 6 calls to

Ryan Pereus

Human Sales vs AI Sales

Written by R.S. Pereus, owner and CEO of Pereus Marketing, and founder of Superhuman Prospecting: an outsourced solution for cold calling, prospecting, and outbound services for businesses. A little while back I was cold called by a company from overseas that developed an AI response program meant to replace actual call center agents. It was the first time I experienced anything like this, and I was a bit perplexed as to why they thought we would be good candidates for this product since our web-presence screams human-to-human