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Why Sales Scripts are Necessary

Sales Scripts are Necessary – Why You Should Be Using Them!

Working in sales can be one of the hardest jobs at any company. No matter what type of sales call you make – from referrals to cold calling, to following up with a “qualified” lead – you should always have a detailed plan in place before you dial.  We know sales scripts have received a good amount of hate throughout the years. A few bad apples using aggressive language and robotic responses gave them a bad reputation for being phony and useless. You may be

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Why You Need A Sales Engagement Solution On Top of Your CRM

Why You Need a Sales Engagement Solution on Top of Your CRM

Why You Need a Sales Engagement Solution on Top of Your CRM CRM systems are commonly known as the primary database for customer interactions. Historically used by marketing, sales, and support teams, these systems track all activities involved in collecting and converting leads into opportunities. Historically. Nowadays, most sales professionals will admit that they struggle to convert leads using CRM alone. The truth is that CRMs are just not ideal for efficient lead qualification because, let’s keep in mind, they were designed for managing relationships.

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3 reasons to outsource your outbound strategy

3 Reasons to Outsource Your Outbound Strategy

Let’s be real. Your sales reps aren’t fans of cold calling. The effort they put into generating leads stifles their sales passion and prevents them from closing more deals. The tasks are challenging and the burnout can be REAL! (See high turnover rate)

But that doesn’t mean you should give up your outbound strategy. So, what else can you do?


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What Sales Dialer Software to Use at Every Budget

In our 21st century digital world, you hear the saying “cold calling is dead”, quite a bit.
We are here to tell you that’s simply not true. Technology may have changed the landscape, but if you love revenue, you should love cold calling too!

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