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SaaS Lead Generation Case Study

​This Software as a Service (SaaS) company engaged Superhuman Prospecting® to call activity directors at high schools and colleges to set up an appointment to discuss ice breaker games for orientation events for schools.

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Campaign Overview

  • Industry: Software as a Service (Saas)
  • Industry Target: Education
  • Target Profile: Optimal DMs for this campaign would be Activity Directors
  • Appointment Setting Rate: 2.46%
  • Lead Setting Rate: 4.94%

SaaS Company Background

School orientation events can be a defining moment for new students, helping them make new friends and learn about the school’s history and traditions. However, planning and executing engaging orientation events can be challenging for educational institutions. That’s where an innovative software solution comes in.

The company behind this revolution offers a customized outdoor digital escape adventure for schools, a refreshing alternative to generic icebreakers, tours, or photo scavenger hunts. They develop tailored experiences that can be played by hundreds of players simultaneously. To date, the company has worked with hundreds of schools and tens of thousands of students.

Players participate in team-based escape adventures by downloading an app on their smartphones. Teams race across their school campus, solving puzzles and competing on a shared leaderboard. The game features built-in hints, ensuring no team gets stuck, and event coordinators don’t need to do any work on the day of the event. This user-friendly experience has proven to be highly relevant and appealing to schools, who often have room in their budget to explore new offerings like this.

Superhuman Prospecting’s expert saas lead generation services have been instrumental in the company’s success. By providing a dedicated sales development representative (SDR) team and efficient call activities, Superhuman Prospecting has enabled the company to effectively reach its target market, resulting in impressive growth.

Campaign Objective – SaaS Lead Generation

The objective of this campaign was to reach out to activity directors for high schools and colleges to set up appointments to discuss unique icebreaker games for orientation events. The software solution builds custom outdoor digital escape adventures that can entertain hundreds or thousands of students for hours with minimal time and money spent on logistics.

Campaign Strategy

Using a consultative conversation script, Superhuman Prospecting®, a US-based SaaS lead generation company, conducted phone calls to activity directors to determine if they held orientation events and gauge their interest in setting up a demonstration of the app. The primary goal was to showcase the app’s capabilities and engage the decision-makers in conversations. 

The key to success was quickly delivering value and building trust, as these decision-makers often had limited time for phone conversations. Being upfront and forthcoming about the app’s capabilities and assuring that no immediate decision was required were essential components of the campaign.

Our collaboration started with a one-month trial campaign to test the waters and gauge the effectiveness of our approach. The client had previous success targeting schools and colleges, so we focused on these institutions for the initial campaign. The client provided us with valuable insights into their target market and a script that effectively communicated the unique value of their product.

As the campaign progressed, we continuously fine-tuned our strategies to ensure optimal results. Our team closely monitored the campaign’s performance and adjusted our tactics as needed to maximize engagement and conversions. This adaptable approach allowed us to quickly identify and capitalize on opportunities, enabling the client to expand their market reach and generate more leads.


Like any partnership, we faced challenges along the way, but we worked together to overcome them. One issue we encountered was identifying the key decision-makers within the schools and colleges we were targeting. With a wide range of titles and responsibilities, it took time and persistence to navigate the complex organizational structures and find the right contacts.

However, our team’s determination and adaptability allowed us to overcome this challenge and ultimately achieve impressive results for the client. This experience has given us valuable insights into how to better identify and engage with key stakeholders, which will undoubtedly benefit future campaigns.

Saas Lead Generation Campaign Results


Total Dials


DM Conversations


Appointments Set

Over 31,253 contact attempts were made, resulting in 2,468 (7.90%) conversations with decision-makers. Using Superhuman Prospecting’s Human-to-Human™ conversation method, the Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) generated 1,320 leads, with a lead per conversation rate of 53.48%. Out of these leads, there were 334 nurtures, 329 warm, and 657 appointments. Appointments accounted for 2.1% of total dials, 26.62% of conversations, and 49.77% of leads.

saas cold calling results graph

Testing New Verticals

As the campaign gained momentum and we began to exhaust the pool of potential leads in schools and colleges, it was time to explore new verticals. The client was proactive in suggesting new markets to test, such as museums, hotels, resorts, HR departments for larger companies, and team-building exercises.

We divided 10,000 calls into five separate 2,000-call activity campaigns, each targeting a different vertical. This approach allowed us to test the waters in multiple markets simultaneously and identify the most promising opportunities for growth. The client has been pleased with the results so far and is considering further investment in two or three of these new markets.

Strong Relationship and Client Advocacy

Throughout our collaboration, the relationship between Superhuman Prospecting, a saas lead generation company, and the client has been strong and mutually beneficial. The client has been open to our suggestions and eager to learn from our expertise, which has been a key factor in the success of the partnership.

They have become an advocate for our outbound lead generation service for b2b saas, providing glowing reviews, referrals, and even offering to give video testimonials. Their satisfaction with our work not only speaks to the quality of our services but also highlights the potential for long-term, fruitful relationships with our clients.


In today’s fast-paced world, educational institutions are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage students and create memorable orientation experiences. With the help of this unique software solution, campus orientation activities have been revolutionized, providing students with an exciting and interactive way to explore their new environment and connect with their peers.

The success of this campaign demonstrates the value of the Human-to-Human™ approach, enabling SDRs to engage with decision-makers and showcase the capabilities of the software solution effectively. By offering a fun, interactive, and educational alternative to traditional orientation events, this innovative software solution has the potential to change the way schools approach their orientation activities, ultimately enhancing the student experience.

About Superhuman Prospecting – SaaS Lead Generation Company

Superhuman Prospecting is a US-based sales development company offering outbound lead generation service for b2b saas and other industries. We provide high-quality outbound prospecting through cold calling, cold emailing and LinkedIn outreach. Our SDR’s are trained and certified in our H2H Sales Method and are experienced in saas lead generation to provide your sales team with quality opportunities.

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