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How to Set Up a Successful Cold Call Campaign

A successful cold call campaign starts with a solid foundation. Here, we cover 4 major steps to converting more cold calls.

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Will cold calling work for your business? 

The short answer is most likely, yes – but you may need to make some changes first. 

Your outbound calling process has great strengths and weaknesses based on your business. So, whether you’re cold calling and not seeing the results you want or just starting to build out a new campaign, there are some steps you can take to increase your chances of success. 

Building the Foundation of Your Cold Call Campaign

The “Four Pillars of Success” is a model we developed after making over a million cold calls in the past 6 years here at Superhuman Prospecting. As part of our cold calling process with clients, we audit each pillar, improve on their strengths and identify the weaknesses of each campaign focusing on their: 

  1. Relevancy of Product
  2. Accuracy of the Market
  3. Strength of Messaging
  4. Talent and Fit of SDR

If a company can carry all four pillars well, higher success rates are most likely to occur. If one or more are missing, the weight to carry the other pillars must be greater to balance out your cold call strategy. 

Relevancy of Product

The first pillar is your product-market fit which describes the relevancy of your product. It asks the question: What part of your offering will be relevant to the market? 

This means you need to think about what makes your product attractive, what makes your product weak, and how it affects your offering in a cold call. Other questions we cover in our kickoff calls include finding out:

  • What makes your product unique?
  • What are your clear differentiators?
  • Is it a new product to market or the first of its kind?
  • Is it needed or required for a certain industry?
  • Does it automate a mechanical task?
  • What is the ease of use or convenience your product offers?

Ryan talks more about what makes a solution unique in the video below.

Accuracy of the Market

You can use this pillar to zero in on your data. It asks the question: How exact is the industry, title, phone number, etc. of the market we are reaching out to? 

Finding the right market depends on who perceives your product as the most relevant or useful.  

Sometimes, this means having to slightly switch your industry or the titles you are calling to make the most impact. Additionally, if you listen to your market and they aren’t satisfied with your product, you may have to go back to the drawing board for a better solution. 

What makes a poor market? 

  • Uncertainty of phone numbers, corporate numbers, or how to work a phone tree
  • Lack of knowledge about the title of the prospect you are trying to reach 
  • Oversaturated or irrelevant industries or no knowledge of that industry

Here at SHP, we study the accuracy of your product-market fit to make sure your messaging, product, and target market fit seamlessly within your cold call campaign. 

Strength of Messaging

The third pillar asks: How defined is the industry and title of the market we are reaching out to? How well will the message we deliver resonate with the prospect in that industry?

Many cold call scripts aren’t repeatable, scalable, or optimized for the industry they are calling into, they are simply based on personality preferences and gimmick lines alone. When it comes to your cold call script, your language (read: every word) matters.

Your message needs to be easily digestible and focus on the right features and benefits to catch the attention of your specific audience. 

Ryan talks more about the strength of your messaging in the video below. 

Talent and Fit of Sales Development Rep (SDR)

Lastly, this pillar focuses on how well can the SDR call into your specific market to deliver the message of your offering. 

It asks: How well does your SDR perform in conversations with your potential clients? Taking it a step further – is your SDR able to perform well calling into your specific market to deliver the message of your specific product? 

Here at Superhuman Prospecting, we focus on hiring, onboarding, and quality control. Our SDRs are cold call trained in over 50+ industries to make sure your campaign is successful. Because until we are converting 100% for you, there are always improvements to make.

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