Case study for Quality Assurance Software Telemedicine

A Cold Call Case Study: AI Software Provider

A quality assurance provider for the healthcare industry contracted Superhuman Prospecting to create a custom appointment setting strategy via cold calling to generate more high-quality leads in a new territory.

 Quality Assurance, AI Software Provider

Target Audience:
Healthcare Practitioners

Service Provided:
Appointment Setting, CRM Management, Pre-Appointment Confirmation Calls, and Additional Follow Up Calls to Warm/Nurture Leads

Decision-Makers & Stakeholders: Director of Communications, Director of Dispatch, QA Manager, Fire Chief, EMS Manager


The Challenge:

Unable to move their office to a US-based location during the pandemic, the client needed a lead generation partner that could create, implement, and manage their cold calling and appointment setting operations. 

Being in a different time zone, the client needed a trusted and transparent partner to track, analyze, and report their metrics. 

Looking for a US-Based Call Center 

The client was looking to add to their territory in the United States and wanted a US-based partner with American accents. 

Wanted a Test Pilot Campaign

The client wanted to start out with a sample list as a test pilot to measure effectiveness and appointment setting rates. 

Had to Refresh Cold Calling Script 

The client needed a partner who could rework their sales script and show their unique value in the marketplace. 

The Solution:

Superhuman Prospecting (SHP) scheduled a pilot appointment setting campaign, using the client’s prospecting list, to measure client SDR effectiveness for the client.

Ran A Pilot Campaign

The client, very pleased with the results from the pilot campaign, chose Superhuman Prospecting as their lead generation partner. 

Real-Time Call Tracking

SHP’s real-time call tracker and call reporting, along with regularly scheduled milestone meetings with the client keeps everyone on the same page, even in different countries. 

Custom Script Writing

Working with the client, SHP held a kickoff call to dive into the client’s unique positioning and value in the industry in order to create custom messaging. 

The Benefits:

The client was able to build a new presence in the United States and expand their client base with direct conversations, without having to move locations overseas during the pandemic. Based on the number of contacts and touchpoints, SHP was able to create a custom cold call strategy to meet the goals of sales leadership. 

Reduced Human Errors

With SHP’s custom prospecting tools and sales tech stack, the client received a detailed report of campaign metrics, helping to better manage their CRM data. 

Quick Ramp Up

The client was able to ramp up calls quickly with SHP to start generating more high-quality leads and appointments. 

Improved Communication

The client could rest easy knowing SHP’s trained sales reps were handling all prospecting efforts so their team could focus on demos and closing sales. 

The Results:

Superhuman Prospecting has made over 9,250 calls in a 6 month period, resulting in 129 leads and 43 appointments. As their company began to expand its target audience, SHP added custom H2H Sales Scripts to contact EMS professionals, in addition to healthcare practitioners. 

9,250 Dials

225 Conversations

43 Appointments

2.7% Dials to Conversations

1.55% Dials to Leads

0.52% Dials to Appointments

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