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A Cold Call Case Study: Appointment Setting For Digital Marketing

A full service digital marketing agency was looking to take more control over their sales pipeline by balancing their strong digital presence with more outbound marketing strategies that would help them engage and nurture a target audience of German automotive repair shop owners.

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A full-service digital marketing agency partnered with Superhuman Prospecting to further engage a warm contact list and increase sales appointments within a custom target audience. Additionally, the agency was looking to build a better outbound marketing brand presence and capture more of the market in a smaller, niched industry.

  • Industry: Digital Marketing

  • Target Audience: German Automotive and Repair Shop Owners

  • Service Provided: Lead Generation via Cold Calling and Inside Sales Services

  • Decision-Makers & Stakeholders: Shop Owners, Service Managers

The Challenge

A full-service digital marketing agency was looking to take more control over its sales pipeline by balancing their strong digital presence with more outbound marketing strategies that would help them engage and nurture a target audience of German automotive repair shop owners.

Previously, the agency had tried to hire freelancers but the results varied with little consistency, leaving leadership in fear of their brand reputation. When choosing a solution, they were looking for a more dependable team that could handle call volume and have quality sales conversations.

  • Nurture Warm Leads

The client had previously sent out small gifts to a custom contact list, so they wanted to further engage this audience to learn whether or not these were received and to properly nurture prospects in the beginning stages of contact.

  • Build an Outbound Presence

As digital marketing experts, their internal team was focused on managing referrals, SEO, Pay Per Click, and website development strategies to help grow their leads and wasn’t spending the proper time prospecting. They hoped to focus on building a better outbound presence and reputation in a smaller, niched industry.

  • Meet Appointment Setting Goals

Looking to integrate lead generation services into their sales process, they needed a partner who could help them manage their CRM, decrease no-shows, and transparently report campaign results. All sales appointments needed to be scheduled 48 hours in advance via a Calendly link, with the goal of 1-2 appointments per week or 4-6 per month.

The Superhuman Solution

Superhuman Prospecting (SHP) created a custom B2B appointment setting strategy, utilizing cold calling and additional inside sales touches to generate a strong pipeline of high-quality leads for our digital marketing client.

  • Contact Marketing Strategy

SHP worked with the client to use contact marketing as a part of their outbound strategy. The client would send a gift and SHP would follow up on the gift with a call. The messaging included discovery questions and comments about the gift to get the conversation started. This increased familiarity with prospects and resulted in more appointments in the months that utilized the gift.

  • Custom Market & Messaging

Collaborating with the client on a series of kickoff calls, our team was able to analyze vital campaign details and objectives to identify the message that would resonate best within each segment of their target audience. Once these steps were completed, SHP customized their cold calling script using the H2H Sales Scripts framework. In one script revision, SHP tested offering a free website audit& ranking report to show their company in comparison to top competitors.

  • Detailed Tracking, Reporting, And Feedback

With SHP’s real-time campaign tracking and reporting, the client was satisfied to learn that results from each cold call would be automatically recorded as they happen along with updated campaign metrics sent through as emails, for quick access to transparent results. 

The Benefits

Working with SHP, the client was able to generate a stronger sales pipeline through newly established industry relationships and appointments set by the trained client SDR’s at Superhuman Prospecting. The client was able to see the reward from balancing their digital presence alongside their appointment setting campaign to reduce sales cycles and build more domain authority in the German auto market.

  • Inside Sales & Appointment Confirmations

Because the customers were in loud auto repair shops, it was sometimes hard to hear, so the email addresses would be wrong when we would send invites. To combat this, Inside Sales manually checked all email invites and then followed up to confirm and reschedule appointments as necessary. This helped decrease no-shows and anxiety our client experienced from wasted time and resources.

  • Scheduled Milestone Meetings

Keeping the client satisfied through every part of the process is always the goal. To do this, we schedule regularly occurring milestone meetings through each part of the process: technical details, setup & success, inside sales support, marketing list building, value building, and custom sales scripts. 

  • Continous Improvement & Refinement

The SHP team is always working to always improve campaign metrics, whether that is through Account Management, Project Management data, or our SDRs on the phone. The client was thankful to have more consistent results in a marketing channel that was not utilized consistently prior to working with SHP.

Appointment Setting Campaign Results

The client, still engaged with Superhuman Prospecting, has run 12 projects resulting in 149 sales appointments. Agency leadership noted, that when they were previously relying on freelancers, it didn’t provide the activity they could depend on for the long term.

Superhuman Prospecting provides more long-term consistency and results for their business. 

11, 214 Dials
1,680 Conversations
132 appointments

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