Cold Call Case Study: Appointment Setting for Air Filter Supplier

A U.S. manufacturer and supplier of air and furnace filters engaged Superhuman Prospecting in a 12-month appointment setting campaign via cold calling to strengthen brand relationships while increasing appointments for their internal sales team.

Industry: Manufacturing

Target Audience: Hotels, Gyms, Hospitals, Data Centers, Property Management Companies, Federal and Educational Buildings
Service Provided: Appointment Setting via Cold Calling
Decision-Makers & Stakeholders: Head of Facilities, Engineering, or Maintenance  

The Challenge:

The client had prepared a custom prospecting list to expand their outbound marketing efforts but did not have the internal bandwidth to scale effectively and keep the same high-quality standard of sales conversations. 

Scale Outbound Quickly & Effectively

Noticing issues with the supply chain, the client wanted to quickly scale outbound efforts to capitalize on their 100% American-made products and direct shipping benefits. 

Perform Discovery & Market Research

The client preferred a balance of discovery and market research questions answered to qualify the lead and learn more specific details about their prospect’s wants, needs, and current buying habits.

Provide Transparent Metrics

It was extremely important for the client to choose an outsourcing company that believed in real-time tracking, providing easy-to-read, detailed campaign reports, call recordings, and feedback.

Create Custom Cold Call Scripts

Staying true to their brand and company values, the client needed a partner to create custom cold call scripts sales that would engage prospects, build trust, and start more long-term business relationships. 

The Superhuman Solution:

Superhuman Prospecting designed a custom appointment setting campaign via cold calling to help our client increase their high-quality sales conversations, build more mutually beneficial industry relationships, and generate higher revenue through a stronger sales pipeline.

Kick Off Calls & Client Onboarding

Our script requirements form, kick-off call, and client onboarding packet is designed to help our client and their team feel secure and confident in the campaign strategy, details, and execution in all stages of the project. 

Quick Ramp Up Time

SHP’s assigned account manager worked closely with our client to define the best strategy, revise details and quickly soft launch their first campaign to meet their time standards and revenue goals. 

Custom Cold Call Scripts

We worked with the client to learn all of the technical details and strategic elements of their offering which helps our sales team fully integrate and prepare with all of the necessary information for having higher quality human-to-human conversations. 

Detailed Tracking, Reporting, and Feedback

With real-time tracking and reporting, the notes and results from each call are automatically recorded as they happen, along with automatically updated campaign metrics sent through as emails, for the most transparent results. 

The Benefits:

The client was able to generate a stronger sales pipeline through newly established industry relationships and appointments set by the trained client SDR’s at Superhuman Prospecting. 

Improved Sales Conversations

Using the H2H Method framework, we were able to construct an easy-to-follow sales script that allows our client SDRs to achieve the highest results and move the prospect to next steps, while always trying to diffuse anxiety and the pressure to buy. 

Scheduled Milestone Meetings

Keeping the client satisfied through every part of the process is always the goal. To do this, we schedule regularly occurring milestone meetings through each part of the process: technical details, setup & success, inside sales support, marketing list building, value building, and custom sales script. 

Real-Time Call Tracker & Report Scorecard

Leveraging our sales tech stack, the client gained expert prospecting tools without the expensive costs. With SHP, we give you easy-to-read and detailed campaign metrics, like our real-time tracker and campaign report scorecards. 

No Internal Hiring, Training, or Managing

Through outsourcing, our client was able to cut the costs of recruiting, hiring, training, and continually managing an internal team, which is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. Our client was then able to focus on closing more deals and bringing in more revenue. 

The Results:

The client, still currently engaged with Superhuman Prospecting, has completed 7 projects resulting in 2,400 decision-maker conversations and 419 appointments with a 1.20% appointment setting rate. 

34,925 Dials

2,400 Conversations

419 Appointments

6.87% Dials to Conversations

1.20% Dials to Appointments

17.46% Appointments to Conversations

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