A Cold Call Case Study: Cold Calling for Chemical Manufacturer


A leading manufacturer of worker-safe releases and industrial chemicals partnered with Superhuman Prospecting to create and execute a B2B lead generation strategy that would increase their sales pipeline and provide high-quality appointments for their independent representatives and inside sales team.


Industry: Manufacturing 

Target Audience: Industrial Manufacturers, Plastic Molders, and Investment Casters 

Service Provided: Appointment Setting via Cold Calling with Additional Inside Sales Processes 

Decision-Makers & Stakeholders: Purchasing Managers, Molding Managers, Processing Engineers, and Tooling Engineers

The Challenge:

Under new leadership, the client needed to quickly implement a B2B strategy that would generate a stronger sales pipeline, build brand awareness, and maintain strong relationships with their prospects. 

Needed to Save Time 

The client wanted their sales representatives & inside sales team to spend more time closing leads and building relationships. 

No Previous Plan in Place 

With their current strategy relying heavily on relationships & referrals, new management wanted to focus on other ways of generating more sustainable, high-quality leads. 

Had to Ramp Up Quickly

To meet new expectations, the sales team needed to quickly ramp up their prospecting efforts with high-quality leads. They also wanted the ability to scale their project

Wanted a Transparent Partner 

 Having good data is everything in outbound prospecting, the client wanted a trusted and transparent partner to track, analyze, and make necessary improvements, as needed.  


Looking to Revaluate the Market

The client was looking to revaluate the market and search for higher-quality prospects they had previously been unable to find contact information for. 

Needed Custom Messaging 

An industry leader for over 70 years, the client needed custom messaging that spoke to their values and long-term success in the industry. 

The Superhuman Solution:

Superhuman Prospecting (SHP) created a custom B2B appointment setting strategy, utilizing cold calling and additional inside sales touches to generate a strong pipeline of high-quality manufacturing leads for the clients in-house teams. 

Custom Cold Call Strategy

To begin the campaign, SHP collaborated with the client on a series of kickoff calls to analyze vital details, objectives, and strategies in designing the campaign and value proposition message.  

Expert Manual Researchers 

Using the 3-prong approach, SHP’s team of expert researchers manually sourced, checked, and cleansed the marketing contact lists to ensure that all criteria were met with the highest quality data.

The H2H Sales Methodology

SHP crafted custom messaging around the clients features and benefits, such as flexible formulations, same-day shipping, consignment options, price-match guarantee, free samples and technical support.  

Multiple TouchPoints

To increase conversation rates and appointments, SHP tailored the strategy to include multiple touchpoints. All calls were handled by experienced cold callers based in the United States. 

Live Call Tracker

The client received access to a campaign call tracker through our company portal. The call tracker acted as a report providing call results, notes, and metrics updated in real-time.

Milestone Meetings

Regularly occurring milestone meetings were scheduled to discuss campaign progression and lead scoring results, in order to make any necessary adjustments for campaign improvement and optimization.

The Benefits:

Utilizing both AI and specialized researchers to build custom prospecting lists, SHP was able to deliver accurate, unique, and harder to find sales contacts. The client saw a large increase in their sales pipeline and gained an extensive new network of contacts in the manufacturing industry, without having to hire and train an internal staff. 

Direct Conversations

Through direct conversations, SHP was able to help the client gain additional insight into their positioning in the market while identifying uncovered pain points that would help them close more appointments.

Lower Costs

Without the need for internal hiring, our client was able to save time and money on recruiting, software, hardware, and training.  They also did not have to worry about the high turnover in these sales positions. 

Ability to Scale

With SHP, the client was able to focus solely on closing the appointments, with the ability to quickly ramp and scale their projects as needed, to fit their goals and calendar. 

The Results:

The client engaged with Superhuman Prospecting over a 10 month period, resulting in over 4,000 dials, approximately 170 leads, and 75 appointments. 

4,272 DIALS

427 Conversations

169 Leads

9.95% Dials to Conversations

3.96% Dials to Leads

1.76% Dials to Appointments

Our cold calling service can help your company increase sales through more efficient and effective lead generation and appointment setting.
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