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Meet Our Superhuman Team: Dennys Delgado

Meet Dennys Delgado, our Senior VP of Sales & Marketing here at Superhuman Prospecting.

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Q & A With Dennys Delgado, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing

Meet our Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing! 
Dennys handles our New Business and Marketing initiatives here at Superhuman Prospecting. So, chances are – if you call to speak with us about services, you’ll probably talk to Dennys.  

Prior to joining Superhuman Prospecting, Dennys spent time traveling working overseas, in Belgium, Spain, and the UAE, selling advertising and conference sponsorship packages to international companies. As he grew in his career, he spent several years in the home improvement industry, managing lead generation and event marketing departments. He was even our Event Marketing Manager here at SHP, before becoming the Senior VP we all know and love today. 

Dennys holds a degree in International Business from The College of New Jersey and currently resides in Philadelphia with his wife Brittany, and their Great Dane, Bruno. The Delgado family is especially excited to be welcoming their first child, a baby girl, in October. 

Q & A with Dennys

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I enjoy spending time with my family, hanging out outside, relaxing, and smoking meat! I also love to travel and enjoy exploring new countries and cultures that I have not experienced before.

What’s the best piece of sales advice you’ve heard recently?

Solve problems! If this is always on your mind, you will be able to ask the right questions, have the right conversations and, hopefully, provide the right solutions that are best for your prospective client.

Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl?

I have always been a night owl and rarely wake up early, but I will soon have to change that once the baby arrives!

If you could live anywhere in the world for a year for free, where would you choose?

This is a tough question because there are so many places I would want to live in!
My easy answer would be Barcelona because I love it so much but I have already lived there for 2 years. I will go with Australia, it has always been on my list of places I would like to visit and seems like an awesome place to spend a year in.

Tell us what inspires you, or provide your favorite inspirational quote.

I get a lot of inspiration from my father and his work ethic. As an immigrant, I was brought to the US after our family fled from a war in Nicaragua. My father had a great job and college education but he had to start from scratch here. Watching his dedication, hard work, and commitment to succeed to provide better opportunities for myself and my family has inspired me in both, my personal and professional, lives.

Tell us what motivates you to do what you do here, and how you contribute to the customer experience.

The growth and development of all of our employees and the business itself motivates me every day. I started when we were a small team of around 5, so I have had the pleasure to watch and contribute to our awesome growth. I’ve also had the pleasure of being one of the first points of contact for our prospective clients for the past 3 years, helping them learn more about us. I enjoy speaking with potential clients each day and educating them on outbound prospecting so they can make the best decision for their business.

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