Meet The SHP Team

Superhuman Prospecting is an outsourced sales development team supporting B2B organizations with cold calling, appointment setting and lead generation.


Founder, Owner, CEO

Ryan Pereus

Ryan is the founder and CEO of Superhuman Prospecting®, Inc., & H2H Sales Scripts®. He founded H2H in late 2014 after spending a three year hiatus from his career life. He spent that time traveling, in grad school, and playing competitive soccer around the nation and the world. Ryan also spent that time reflecting on the previous 7 years of his marketing, business development, and sales career he had been so invested in prior to find a way these skills could meet the market.

Starting with sales copywriting, Ryan began a journey that would lead SHP into the start-up it is today, serving businesses via cold calling, appointment setting, and outsourced sales development. The fun part of this story is that Ryan began writing custom sales scripts online for his clients for $5. As of Summer 2021, SHP has 40 employees and works with over 70 clients per month on sales development campaigns. 


TRUST CALL By Ryan Pereus

Rethinking Traditional Tactics for a Human-to-Human Connection in Cold Calling

Trust Call is the first publicly available book on a fully comprehensive and connected cold call methodology. Touching every part of the gamut from philosophy to frameworks.

CMO & VP of Sales

Dennys Delgado

Dennys  is Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for Superhuman Prospecting. Dennys began his tenure at Superhuman Prospecting 7 years ago as the head of Event Marketing and is now responsible for New Client Sales and all Digital Marketing efforts. He comes to Superhuman Prospecting with extensive experience in Sales and Marketing in variety of industries including 10 years of  cold calling and inside sales experience, 8 years of event marketing management, and 5 years of internet marketing and SEO experience.

A graduate of the The College of New Jersey, Dennys brings to the team expert knowledge in human-to-human lead generation strategies, analysis, management, script writing, training, consulting, and execution. Dennys’ experience and leadership in lead generation gives SHP’s clients confidence and knowledge that continuously drive results upward. 

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