Superhuman Prospecting (SHP) Mission, Vision, & Value Statements

SHP Vision Statement

SHP’s vision is to be a force known for helping our team, clients, and the selling community understand and deploy 21st century selling principles that enable trust in new business relationships.

SHP Mission Statement

To provide our clients with sales education, processes, and conversations, using principles founded in building trust, to help grow their business and provide value to those they serve. 

SHP Service Belief Statement

Our SHP Belief Statement about our service is:

“Cold calling can work 100% of the time if the company has a product or service relevant to the market, and if people pick up the phone in the target list.”

The final question is whether it will take 1 month, 6 months, or more to work. Our service answers this question.

SHP Corporate Values

SHP H2H Value Statement

To consistently define and fulfill what it means to have human-to-human values in 21st century selling and business relationships.

SHP H2H Selling Values

SHP Culture Statement

“Our culture is one of positivity and encouragement, where our team members are free to be themselves, within professional boundaries, while still meeting the needs of the business and working together towards our common goal.”

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