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SHP Inhouse – Episode 1 – Opening Episode

Episode 1: Welcome to SHP Inhouse, a Listen Letter designed for our clients, prospects, and inhouse teams.

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In this first pilot episode, Ryan Pereus, CEO and Founder of SHP, introduces our first Listen Letter! We started this Listen Letter because over the last year as the world went remote, we realized our ability to communicate, inform, update, interview, and inspire not only our community, but our internal team became more difficult.

We’ve also learned that many of the updates we share with our internal team, also share with our clients and prospective clients. So, why not have an audio drop for everyone to look forward to. Welcome to SHP Inhouse, A Listen Letter!

In this 1.0 episode, we’ll go over all sorts of topics ranging from company updates, process updates with our internal operations, success stories, employees of the month, and interviews; some new and up and coming segments such as Superhuman Sales Data, Superhuman Sales Skills; and of course, the foundation of our messaging – H2H Sales Scripts, and a whole lot more.

We look forward to hearing your feedback, your questions, and your comments as we start this journey!

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Hello, everyone, this is Ryan P, I’m the CEO and founder of Superhuman Prospecting. We’re a sales development outsourcing company focusing on cold calling, appointment setting, target market research, and other outsourced sales services.

We started this “listen letter” because over the last year, as the world went remote, we realized our ability to communicate, inform, update, interview, and inspire not only our community but our internal team, became a lot more difficult. We’ve learned that many of the updates we share with our internal team, we also end up sharing with our clients, prospective clients, and audience. 

So, why not have an audio drop for everyone to look forward to? 

Welcome to SHP Inhouse!

We’ll go over all sorts of topics ranging from week to week – company updates, process updates with our internal operation, SHP Success Stories, employees of the month, and employee interviews here on the team. There will also be some new and upcoming segments such as superhuman Sales Data, Superhuman Sales Skills, and, of course, the foundation of our messaging here at Superhuman,  H2H Sales Scripts, and a whole lot more

I look forward to talking with you and hearing your feedback on how things are progressing here at Superhuman Prospecting. 

So today is June 14th, 2021. Summer is almost here. It’s been quite a wild ride this spring over the past year, and I hope to unpack a lot of that in this reoccurring lesson letter. So I’d like to do an intro to go over some of the stuff that we’re going to talk about today.

SHP company and process updates

So… a lot has changed for the better in the last year. We’ve been focused very heavily on data. We have added quite a few things that have helped our client SDRs to do their jobs more effectively for our clients and have also worked on mechanisms to provide more quality to our clients. 

I wanted to go over some of these updates in this first episode because it seems imperative that we catch up over the last year as to what’s been going on.

For some of you, this might seem like, we are talking a different language, but I think if you keep listening, you’ll catch on to what it’s like to run and be involved with an outsourced sales development company in the 21st century. So if you have questions, please ask.

One of the updates that I think has been pretty important and relevant to not only our clients and their experience with seeing the data that we deliver for them, but also in the way that our SDRs can view that information as well. 

Our call trackers can now have a summary review!

In other words, we used to have each line in our call trackers by a new call activity, but that became confusing with the number of times we would reach out to a certain company. So the summary data on our notes, based on what happened on those calls, got confusing for our clients. So we actually now have one line with all the call activities for easier viewing and analysis from the different notes and result codes that are generated from the calls by our SDRs.

We’ve also added a DNC result that is up and coming here for compliance in our internal databases. Something we’ve worked a lot on the last year is compliance. Being a telemarketing company, we have to register with the Do Not Call list that we are going to be making outbound calls. 

There are a lot of laws that apply that we’ll probably go over in this listen letter as we go on. I don’t want to bore you with that all today because I think you can only take one bit of information at a time before your eyes started glazing over.

Telemarketing Sales Rule Requirements (TSR)

However, one of the requirements by the Telemarketing Sales Rule, or the TSR, is a provision that says – anyone who says that they do not want to be called back should be placed on an internal DNC list.

In other words, even if they don’t report it to the DNC registry, they can report it to you and you are to keep your own internal database. And that is something as a process in our compliance policy that we have added so that our SDRs can properly code that specific person so that regardless of who we call or what campaigns or clients would call for if we come across that same lead ever, we will not actually call that person.

And I know that sounds a little bit confusing, but the thing is, it’s actually positive in two ways. One is, we can eliminate that person from ever being called again or any one of our clients. And that in turn increases the quality of the data. If you think about it, if you eliminate people who do not want to be called, you are left with people who are open to being called. That point in itself can increase quality. 

Also, we’ve added, and this is one I’m very excited about – we have added appointment confirmations and resets to all of our packages as a standard. So obviously, anyone new who jumps on with us, we will be adding those appointment confirmations and resets. Yes, our pricing has slightly been adjusted to compensate for that as we have constructed a team of inside sales specialists who will be reaching out to confirm appointments that we set for our clients.

We used to offer this as an add-on but found it so vital for our clients, especially those new to prospecting and just learning how to outbound. 

We hope to have more data on this soon. But just looking at some past data on a campaign that we’ve done with and without confirmation calls, we’ve seen an increase of 50 percent in show rates or run rates because of appointment confirmations resets. We are also fully remote currently, our processes have changed a bit because of that, we’ve had to have a much stronger, robust internal infrastructure in order to operate, communicate and execute on our complete operation from a digital perspective.

Prospecting Tools and Software

To give everyone an update on some of the tools & software that we use to run our campaigns…

We utilize VanillaSoft as our primary sales dialer. We’ve been very happy with the features of VanillaSoft from our client SDR perspective. We also have a separate VOIP system that we use for mobile number campaigns to remain compliant. (More on that at some other time.)

We use e-mail for official company communication, slack for internal office chatter, and for project management.

And of course, several email automation tools for prospecting work such as Woodpecker, Lemlist, Persist, and a few others. We also utilize some proprietary software, marketing lists, and research databases for prospecting list building for our clients. 

We have two teams of market researchers that scour the web for harder-to-find data and information that might not be available in some of these bigger databases. So, it’s a pretty big update. Gone through a lot there, and I know as I’m going through that list thinking of all sorts of other stuff, but I think that’s good to save for the remaining listen letters we will have coming out.

Coming up Next!

Again, the next few months are going to be very exciting, uncovering and releasing some of our internal strategies, some skills, and techniques that we train our team with, some metrics and data that we are starting to track more consistently dependent upon industry, SDR, location, time, etc…

We’re also going to be going over and interviewing some team members to talk about some success stories and interesting case studies that we come across here working with multiple industries and dozens of clients per month.

Of course, we’re going to be digging into the H2H Sales Method, which is being used by all of our SDRs and is now something we are offering to the public as a training course and consulting. So we’d love to give you that little carrot on the stick so that you keep coming back to learn more.

Thanks, everyone, for joining Episode 1 of SHP Inhouse.

Ask questions, make comments. I would love to stay in touch with you as we continue this journey together.

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