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SHP Inhouse – Episode 5- Content Team Takeover

Listen (or read) the newest episode of SHP Inhouse, A Listen Letter featuring SHP's Marketing Team: Content Manager Danielle Norris and Social Media & Video Specialist, Kaitlynn Stein.

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Welcome Back to SHP Inhouse, A Listen Letter!

This audio drop is designed for internal team members, clients, past clients, prospective users, and the sales community as a whole to learn about what’s going on with Superhuman Prospecting, internal updates, improvements, and also things, we’re learning to help advance the sales profession and provide education on how to have successful sales conversations in the 21st century. Thanks for listening!

Welcome, everyone. I’m Danielle Norris, Marketing Content Manager here at Superhuman Prospecting. And I’m here with our new Social Media and Video specialist, Kaitlynn Stein. We are taking over in this latest episode of The Listen Letter. Sorry, Ryan P.!

Kaitlynn: I am so excited to do this with you. I know I just started last month and I’m still working on figuring out how everything works here.

You have been so great with helping me and showing me how everything works, but there is so much I want to learn about what you do, and I think the rest of the company would benefit from it as well since your job is so different from everyone else’s. So let’s just start. What exactly do you do at SHP?

Danielle: As a Content Manager, I’m focused on everything from SEO on our website to different lead magnets and downloadable resources, to social media and the external newsletters that we send out. All of these channels help us get in front of our target market, which spans multiple industries.

Kaitlynn: So, you’re definitely creating a lot. I know when I see you, when you’re working next to me, you’re always hyping up a storm and researching something new. But with technology changing so fast, especially in the past few years due to code changing people’s habits, how has content had to evolve and what has SHP done to keep up?

Danielle: Yeah, that is actually one of my favorite aspects of content, in general. You can’t be afraid to step outside the box. Trends are always changing, so it’s really important to know who you are creating the content for and think about how your message is going to resonate with them.

SHP has kept up as these trends evolve, and it’s one of the reasons why you were hired. Video is so important, and channels like TikTok and Instagram really help us to humanize our brand and give us more visibility in our industry, which is booming right now. There are multiple SDR companies that weren’t in the market two years ago.

Kaitlynn: Well, I’m very glad that we have made the shift to video because now I do have a job and it’s been very fun getting to create videos with you and Ryan, and very interesting as well, sometimes.

Danielle: Yeah, it definitely gets interesting.

Kaitlynn: So, I know I focus more on video and you work a lot with SEO – this is something I feel like everyone has heard of, but they don’t actually know how to implement it. Can you explain a little bit about what SEO is and how your job helps our prospects find us?

Danielle: Yes, so, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is something that I’ve been working really closely with our VP of Marketing, Dennis Delgado, on and it’s really just to help build our domain authority.

There are a couple of basic ways that we can do this just through different SEO tactics, whether that’s on-page SEO, which is optimizing our website pages through meta tags and keywords.
Off-page SEO which is through guest blogs and different link building through a network that we built. And then there’s technical SEO which is really Dennys’s bread and butter and that is all done on the back end. I really try to learn and just absorb everything from him because there is so much to learn on the technical side that goes way above my head. But it’s something that I’m really trying to learn more about as I move forward and as I learn more about SEO in general.

All of these parts come together to create our SEO score. The better the score, the higher our rank, which means our content shows up before other competitors, which is extremely important in an industry that is booming.

Kaitlynn: Awesome. Yeah, we are very lucky because we get to have fun in our jobs. We get to create weird videos and come up with ideas that could just capture people’s attention.

For example, we just started a TikTok channel. I feel like people probably think that this is a waste of time or maybe childish, which I mean, I know it’s not the case, but can you talk a little bit about why it is important to make content like this?

Danielle: We talked a little bit about the evolution of content and social media earlier – I think Tik Tok is a huge part of that evolution. It really gives our target market the ability to see us in a different light and it really helps us get in front of a new audience as well.

At the end of the day, all of our content is really about building trust and elevating the sales profession. So, if we can do that in a fun, creative way, that’s not going to be boring, or like every other business-to-business marketing content out there – I think that we need to take that opportunity. I love it because people get to see us in a different light outside of our regular, more professional content.

Kaitlynn: We have a lot of content that goes through many different channels. How does each channel bring in different target audiences? So, the newsletter is different from a Tik Tok video to a blog post. How does having a wide range of content benefit the business and who we’re trying to reach?

Danielle: While there is some crossover on certain channels where two people might live in that same space, for the most part, our prospects cover so many different industries – they are just naturally not in the same channels.

So, we really try to use each one of these channels to meet them where they live. And I think part of that is really finding out where your prospects spend the most time and then putting a lot of your effort into those buckets. And so for us, we saw that TikTok was evolving. We saw that there was a bigger need for video, and so we wanted to move into a space where we could be creative in those aspects and just really have more fun with our content too. And ultimately, reach a larger audience.

Kaitlynn: What makes you passionate? Or, what do you love about creating this stuff and reaching people?

How does it feel to have people connect with your content? I mean, personally, even before I started, I’ve created things that people would connect with – even if it was just a weird little video – just knowing that someone out there is enjoying it or learning from your content is amazing.

I feel like media in general, has the power to educate so many people. I also think that’s something that we really try to do here. And I’m learning through doing the videos as well. It’s really cool that we get to inspire people to think about how they can grow their own business further, and if that’s through working with us or not, at least our content puts positivity into the world. And I think that’s something that I’m really proud of Ryan for wanting to do.

Danielle: Oh, definitely. I’ve been here for a little over two years. And since I started, his values and our mission of elevating the sales profession have always been at the forefront of why we create content in the first place.

If we’re not educating, motivating, or inspiring… what are we doing? Why are we creating this?
And I think that’s so important in an industry where people face so much rejection day in and day out, and the world can just be such a cruel place. To have someone out there that knows it’s not always easy, but also can help show you – this is how you can get through it too – is so important. I feel like people are really starting to respect the sales industry more and that’s really what we love to see.

Kaitlynn: Yeah! So, getting in a little slightly personal for me, at least. When I saw the job description and I saw cold calling, I was like, do I really want to work there? Because there is such a huge stigma on it.

And now I’ve decided that this is just a huge challenge for me since it’s not something I’ve typically done before. And one of the big things I want to do is help change stigmas- on anything. Like, I’m also very passionate about homelessness and mental health. Like those topics, cold calling is another area where people have such biases in their brains, and to be able to change that is a great power that we have through media and content.

I’m very excited to see what we do over, like, even the next year, the next month even. We have a lot planned.

Danielle: Yes, we do! We have so much planned, and I’m really so excited. We’ve already seen a lot of benefits of our content. One thing that always surprises me is the lurkers or the people who don’t really comment. They’re just kind of in the background. But then they send us a message later, “hey, we saw your video. We’d love to connect with you on the subject.” And Ryan has had a few of those talks turn into really good leads and really good clients.

Kaitlynn: Well, I know I can definitely talk to you forever about this. It’s really fun working with you, and I’m so glad to have you as well because I feel like we work really well together on this content team and that’s really important. Thank you for teaching me (and everybody else) more about what you do and technically, what we do in, general.

Danielle: Thank you! It’s been great! Before we go, I just want to give us a quick plug.

You can search “Superhuman Prospecting” on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and at RyanPCEO on TikTok. Give us a follow!

Thanks, everyone!

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