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Appointment Setting Rates During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic – Week 1 – 3.16-3.20

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Last week, we confronted the single greatest week of uncertainty from clients and potential clients we have ever faced as a company in the last 3 years of providing outsourced, sales development prospecting calls.

It sucked.

However, our team at Superhuman Prospecting didn’t waiver. We accepted, learned, adapted. Many of our team members met together to share stories, experiences, results, and adjustments made. Collectively, we had the best week of appointment setting in recent history.

^^ Sorry, we realize that was 8 minutes :& ^^ Thanks for hanging.

While we have typically held our cards close, here is the real data of our appointment setting rates for our clients. We represented multiple industries ranging from commercial insurance and finance, marketing, IT, and more. This is the first time we have opened up our doors to share our data. Please understand much of it needs to be dissected, and we hope to do so soon. Here it is:

We saw a 1.42% appointment setting rate last week on total dials compared to a 1.28% average!

We hope to do 2 things happen with this data:

1) We give confidence to those in these crazy times that #salesdevelopment is still extremely important and effective and

2) To not stop having conversations. This is the single greatest activity you should hold sacred during the pandemic. If you can work from home, you can have conversations.

Let’s get through this together. Ping us if you want to dissect this over a remote talking discussion thing. 😉

-Ryan P

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