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Cold Calling Through the Coronavirus

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As of today, COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus has infected only .0013% of the Earth’s population, and yet we are already seeing industry impacts worldwide. Last week, we heard several international and domestic trade shows were cancelled due to the virus. 

Many businesses  are depending on industry trade shows as a primary source for their networking, lead generation, appointment setting, and ultimately sales to grow their businesses. Attendees are looking for vendors that can help them with processes, growth, products, technology, compliance, and more.

Cold Calling Through The Coronavirus

It can be projected there will be economic impact at a micro and macro level, and tangible effects can easily be interpreted as “show-stopping” scenarios that will hurt individuals and businesses indefinitely.  Superhuman Prospecting understands the reality of this pandemic. We also understand the choices made by business, organizations, and people to keep the masses safe is the best decision possible. Reducing the amount of human interaction nationwide and worldwide will fundamentally reduce the changes of Coronavirus spread. We respect decisions made and wish only safety and health for those in close contact or with high chance of infection. We have even seen the virus close to our office. 4 have been infected within our county. 

While there are dangers and potential dangers head for individuals and businesses, we have also seen a slight shift in strategy and opportunity for many to bypass operational shutdown. For example, while trade shows may not be happening in the flesh, we have heard some conferences may be continuing via the web, or via Zoom. Other businesses are implementing work-from-home programs to continue operations without congesting office spaces with the threat of virus spread. In our business specifically, while we have heard trade shows have been cancelled, we have heard businesses committing resources to reaching would-be attendees, or prospects, via emailing or phone calls. As an inside sales, cold call service and appointment setting company, offering the alternative option for outreach enables the continuation of marketing efforts to keep the top of the sales funnel full while maintaining a safe environment for most, if not all employees. 

Cold calling and engaging in outbound prospecting efforts checks off all the boxes in terms of safety from the Coronavirus. Individuals can one, work from home to pseudo quarantine themselves from possible infection; Individuals can attend any online conferences acting as an alternative to in-person trade shows; and three, sales development efforts can be made from home to targeted prospects who would have attended trade shows. This combination acts as an interim plan that virtually maximizes business seamlessly while the virus is fought. 

We already have an example of a client using a combination of these strategies. Just last week, we had one of our new clients, Corinne, engage us on an outsourced sales development project with our team. She initially wanted to continue the initial conversation she would with prospects have after meeting them at an expo she highly values for her business. When it was time to wrap up the final details of a sales development and appointment setting project with us, we found out the expo was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. After speaking with her and addressing the new challenge, we discovered with all the variables at play that cold outreach to the attendees would make the most sense in order to continue marketing efforts to win new business. Without phone outreach, it would be very difficult to develop a relationship with an event no longer happening. 

We are excited about the opportunity, but understand the gravity of what is happening. History has proven there are ebbs and flows in the marketplace, but our mentality is to use new information as stimuli to create and develop new pathways to continue operations for as many businesses as we can help. 

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