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Commercial Insurance Appointment Setting Project | CASE STUDY

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We’ve been providing ongoing B2B appointment setting with a commercial insurance company in the Midwest.  The following is a case study rendered to help those interested in using outbound prospecting or cold call services to understand how it can work for their business.

Here we identify the pain or issue the client was having, the primary objective given to Superhuman Prospecting (SHP), the strategy developed, the execution explained, and the results generated. If you have questions about this case study or would like to discuss it, click here and fill out the form!

Project Objective

To develop sustainable, ongoing sales development appointment setting via cold calling and inside sales support to fill the sales pipeline for 2 account executives to run appointments with prospective insurance buyers in select industries.

Company Profile 

Our client, a commercial insurance company, is focused on risk management and is based out of the Midwest. They have been in business for 20 years providing commercial, specialized, and personal insurance with a consultative approach. This client has utilized outbound prospecting and appointment setting as a strategy for business in the past but seeks a partner for complete outsourced service. 


This client engaged Superhuman Prospecting (SHP) in the Summer of 2019 to deploy an outbound sales development project to sustain account executive schedules for running appointments. Opportunities created by SHP would be set in a account and integrated into our client’s calendars.

Our client had success in the past with outbound prospecting. They had markets targeted and conversion metrics to live by but were facing issues surrounding consistency of execution. As our client was growing, root causes for execution stemmed from the time needed for internal hiring, training, managing, and delivering successful outbound campaigns on a regular basis.

Superhuman Strategy

Time and resources were major factors in providing consistent results for our client. Utilizing SHP for quick setup and execution on 3600 call activities monthly would help bring weekly and monthly appointment levels up to speed efficiently with multiple SHP team members available. 

The project strategy would be to divide efforts into 3 separate campaigns targeting 3 separate markets, totaling 1200 call activities dedicated to each campaign. Each market would receive a separate, custom script specific to each marketplace to ensure the message resonated succinctly with the prospective buyers.

Superhuman Services

The following SHP services would be utilized for the successful delivery of the project: 

  • A dedicated account manager assigned to the client 
  • 3600 call activities monthly to be used by SHP call team members in pursuit of setting up appointments
  • CRM lead management. SHP would update positive commercial insurance leads generated into our client’s Zoho CRM directly
  • Pre-appointment confirmation calls prior to appointments

Superhuman Results

The project started smaller and ramped up to 3600 activities per month based on early success in the late Summer of 2019. After approximately 3 months of success at a smaller scale, our client tripled the activity upwards with SHP and included one more market to be targeted. 

Results have been prioritized to be measured in 3 different ways specified by the client. SHP is responsible for 2 metrics, and our client takes responsibility for 1.

As seen in the results in the Zoho rendering below, SHP is responsible for appointments set and appointments run. It’s important to measure both to balance quantity and quality.

Longevity & Sustainability

After multiple months, results stabilized and the team at SHP now focuses on weekly and monthly optimization to continue driving results forward. Several SHP call team members are dedicated to this project, while some are used as supplemental to prepare for more expansion and backup.

To continually optimize, both the SHP and client team meet weekly to review and refine processes.

The efficacy of the project is ultimately determined by the number of sales generated by prospecting efforts. This is measured by appointments set and appointments run as seen in the “Recent Metrics” chart above generated by our client’s CRM, Zoho. 

While these metrics are important, it’s noted above that not all prospects will be converted to an appointment. SHP saw value in longer-term deals by creating alternative “CTA Tiers” for this project, or, “Call to Action Tiers” to serve those who may take longer in the sales process.

Moving Forward

The stability has been identified with this client through consistent metrics hit on a monthly basis. However, there is room to grow in the appointments set and appointments ran metrics. The higher these can be, the greater the success for SHP and our client. Sharpening the saw and continually learning allows both parties to grow together. 

Our client is one of the Midwest’s premier insurance providers, so as success continues, other areas of our client’s business are in discussion for SHP to take on. 

As we learn and grow, our other campaigns will continue to see greater success based on the efficacy of this project. 

“What’s most exciting to me about this client is how our team showed resolve to make the project work. They took responsibility for the goals at hand, created strategies, tested them, and tightened up processes responsible for increasing results in each market on a month to month basis. 

While we did see early success, we gave our client confidence in our process that increased the size and complexity of the project. Our ability to focus on continuous improvement has resulted in long term dividends for both parties.”

Ryan S. Pereus, CEO
Superhuman Prospecting  

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