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Everyone knows content is king. But what does it really take to move your potential prospects to customer status?

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Generate More Leads with Quality Content

“Content is King”

You’ve heard it a million times.

It’s a trending subject on all of your social media channels.

But, why? And what does it have to do with leads?

Lead generation and sales are two of the most important goals of business-to-business (B2B) marketers, according to research from the Content Marketing Institute.

So how are marketers reaching these goals?

Two words: Quality content 

Quality content is the fuel for your lead generation and nurturing efforts. It attracts and engages your audience while giving you the opportunity to market your products and services into sales. Compared to traditional marketing efforts, content marketing costs 62% less and generates about 3 times as many leads.

These ‘future customers’ are the lifeline to your B2B business. They have questions and are looking to you for the answers – so do your research! What platforms are they using? What questions are they asking? What issues can you solve for them?

Each question is a new piece of content
each piece of content is an opportunity to attract new leads. 

When executed correctly, the return on investment can be impressive. But be careful, you only have a few chances to move your prospects down the funnel. In fact, data from Hubspot suggests the average customer views 3-5 pieces of content before deciding whether or not to speak with a sales rep. If you are not providing thought-provoking, visually appealing content, you are likely to lose them somewhere in the funnel. It is also important that you spark enough interest in those first pieces of content so that they follow through on your reasonable objective or call-to-action. The metrics behind these posts will tell you more about your customer and where they land on your funnel.

Use this chance to build a real relationship with your leads. It shows you are an authority in your craft and you that you ACTUALLY, REALLY, CARE about your customers. (What a concept!)

Brands that do this well are guaranteed to see more leads become customers.

Don’t stress if you aren’t getting the results you want right away. It takes a lot of time, effort, and energy to organize and deploy the right content (to the right audience, on the right platform, with the right call-to-action). Sometimes, you just have to go through a little trial and error.

But don’t give up. Remember, trust is ultimately what creates customers out of leads. Posting quality content is a strong, long-term strategy that will help you build real, trusting relationships with your prospects.

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