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Generate More Leads with Video

Whether you’re networking, prospecting, or posting on social media, video is a useful tool that can help you generate more high-quality leads. Here are some of the best video tips, tools, and software to get you started.

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We are always looking for ways to break through the noise and create an authentic connection with potential clients. In 2022 and beyond, one of the best ways to do this is through video. From cold outreach to post-purchase, video can be beneficial in every stage of your lead generation process. 

Why Add Video to Your Sales Strategy?

Worried about not having enough experience to get on video? Do you cringe at the thought of seeing yourself or hearing your voice on a recording? You aren’t alone. Most people who start using video feel the same way at first.

It takes practice and consistency to get better. But the most important thing to recognize is that your video doesn’t have to be perfect. You certainly don’t have to be a professional videographer (or a model) to benefit from using video in your sales process. 

Not generating enough leads from videos?

We’ve collected some of the best tips from industry experts who use video to increase growth for their companies and can help you too.

Building an Effective Video Strategy

For successful lead gen through video, you’ll need to evaluate your current strategy or start from the basics. Keep these best practices in mind as you develop your video strategy and start to test what videos are the most effective for your business goals.

1. Know Your Sales Goals

It is important to know your “why” when creating videos or you could end up wasting precious time. This will help you see where & when adding video would be the most beneficial for your strategy.  Once you know where your video belongs in the sales process, then you can carry on with actually making it.

The goal is to create videos that educate your audience or motivate them to make a change. You should be speaking directly to the challenges they face and proving why you are the best fit. Your prospect should be the center of attention in your video. 

2. Revaluate Your Target Market

Understanding your ideal customer profiles and target audience is necessary for creating the most specific and relevant sales messaging. Even if you think you have your ideal customer profile(s) and target audience(s) defined, it is important to take a look at industry competition, and the marketplace and note any changes that could impact your offering or the value you provide.

Reevaluate the market and your ideal customer profiles to make sure you are attracting people who will most benefit from your offering. If you are having trouble detailing these profiles, take a look at your current client base:

  • How do they use your offering? 
  • What challenges do they face? 
  • Who are the decision-makers in the process? 
  • Who were the stakeholders? 
  • What size of company are they in? 
  • In what industry? 

Use the answers to these questions to make your script. The more you can uncover, the more you can tailor your strategy and solution to meet their needs.  Think: Relevancy > Personalization.

3. Choose the Right Platform & Tools

The video experts at Vidyard suggest choosing the video tool that most aligns with your goals: 

  • Webcam– Perfect for introducing yourself and relationship-building as your face is front and center. 
  • Screen Share- Great for explaining or walking through something as you can show as well as tell.
  • Playlist– Excellent for adding a personal intro to a pre-recorded video or curating a collection of videos for a prospect to view.

Or you can use these top video tools to host your videos:

  • Vidyard -Vidyard hosts your videos, analyzes their effectiveness, and transforms them into powerful marketing tools. Vidyard provides everything you need to manage your video collection and ensure the optimal viewing experience for your visitors.
  • Brightcove – Brightcove is one of the largest online video platform providers, used by media companies, businesses, and organizations worldwide to publish and distribute videos online. 
  • Wistia – Wistia gives marketers the power to track and analyze web video viewers including the ability to measure each individual’s video viewing session, their location, organization, and IP address.
  • SproutVideo – SproutVideo is an easy-to-use video hosting solution for small to medium-sized businesses. The platform makes it easy to upload video content, create a custom branded video player, add security features, and track video engagement and analytics.
  • TwentyThree – 23 Video provides video hosting and video site solutions, via a cloud video CMS built just for companies and organizations. It provides an all-in-one video experience solution.

4. Choose the Right Messaging

If you aren’t already working from a sales script, now is the time to make one. Your messaging should be answering the question, “What are we saying to provide the most value?” Having this framework gives you the ability to measure results and create a standard that can help you improve your techniques and messaging. 

  • Introduction: Introduce yourself and spark interest
  • Value: Mention the relevance of your outreach
  • Purpose: Explain why you’re reaching out
  • Next Steps and CTA: Encourage them to book a meeting
  • Thank You: Show gratitude by thanking them for watching

Using the right words will lead your prospect down the desired path, putting them in the right frame of mind to listen to what you have to say.

7. Stay Consistent

You might not like being on video or hearing your voice in a recording but we promise it’s not as bad as you think. Whether you’re networking, prospecting, or posting on social media, video is a useful tool that can help you generate more high-quality leads. You just need to stay consistent.

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