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Meet Our Superhuman Team: Merry Sylver

Meet Merry, our Superhuman Sales Development Rep & Corporate SDR Trainer!

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Meet Merry, our Corporate SDR Trainer! Whether she’s onboarding new reps, providing H2H training, or just offering tips to her fellow Superhumans, her love of cold calling and helping those around her truly shines through.

If you ever get Merry on the phone, there’s no doubt you’ll feel her calming and charismatic presence through the other end. She credits this to her love of music and training in the Suzuki technique, a method designed to strengthen and coordinate the voice, using it as an instrument. Something she learned from a young age.

A native Texan, born and raised, Merry grew up in a large household as 1 of 6 kids. She credits her mother for being the best on the planet, singlehandedly raising them almost all on her own. Now a Supermom of her own, when she isn’t helping our SDRs reach new heights, you can find her spending quality time with her three beautiful children, her adorable rescue pup, and her wonderful husband of 15 years.

And if she ever gets time to relax, you can bet she’s near the pool, enjoying the beach, palm trees, and anything (and everything) tropical.

Q & A with Merry Sylver

What Do You Enjoy Doing When You Are Not Working?

I enjoy music, writing songs, children’s books, working out, traveling anywhere I can, road trips, and mostly my babies.

What’s The Best Piece Of Sales Advice You’ve Heard Recently?

The Boomerang Technique! (Wondering what that is? Send us a message!)

Are You An Early Bird Or Night Owl?

Early bird by force (thanks baby Logan) lol but I am both really. Love to have a full day of productive work and love to stay up and watch movies with my family. 

If You Could Live Anywhere In The World For A Year For Free, Where Would You Choose?

 Italy! I love the food, culture, beautiful language, and all the history in that gorgeous country.

Tell us what inspires you, or provide your favorite inspirational quote.

My mom, my kids, and my desire to travel. “Live life to the fullest or live will outlive you.”

What Motivates You To Do What You Do Here At SHP? How Do You Contribute To A Positive Customer Experience?

The amazing team we have here! I look forward to my job every single day and love the people, culture, and level of professionalism that I get to be a part of every day. I hope and strive to be an empathetic but persistent contribution to every single person I call and get the pleasure of training.

I look forward to growing with this company and can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us here! 

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