Sales Scripts are Necessary – Why You Should Be Using Them!

Working in sales can be one of the hardest jobs at any company. No matter what type of sales call you make – from referrals to cold calling, to following up with a “qualified” lead – you should always have a detailed plan in place before you dial. 

We know sales scripts have received a good amount of hate throughout the years. A few bad apples using aggressive language and robotic responses gave them a bad reputation for being phony and useless.

But that is simply not true. Using a sales script doesn’t mean you should be repeating it word-for-word.

We aren’t robots! It is simply a guardrail for keeping natural conversation flow.

You may be tempted to turn up your nose at the thought of incorporating them into your own business, but we’ve found more people are answering their phones than ever before. And despite all of the reasons that critics may cite, sales scripts are widely used and coveted as a major marketing strategy for both large and small companies. 

Not a fan of sales scripts? Think of it more like a small research project on your offering. The script keeps all of your valuable information close by and ready for action in an easy to follow conversation format. It’s the perfect little cheat sheet for everything you need to know!

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at some more reasons why you should be using sales scripts. 

Confident Sales Reps Sell Better

Many sales professionals get nervous during a sales call and forget details. In such scenarios, the prospects get annoyed and disconnect the call. This mostly happens when you don’t have a sales script in front of you. Your prospects’ time is precious, don’t waste it by being unprepared!

Cold calling is your chance to build a relationship through one-on-one type interaction – you don’t get that from SEO or paid advertising. Make it count!

Invest time in creating a powerful sales script for gaining control over your sales communication. Being prepared for everything is the key to closing the deal. When your salespeople are trained to know what objections potential customers might make, they can have perfectly-matched responses ready.

This reduces stress and helps you build rapport with your prospect. Because when your sales reps feel more confident in themselves and their message, the prospect, subconsciously or not, will feel it too. Confidence builds TRUST. You need trust to move your prospect down the funnel.

Consistency is Key

Sales scripts are the perfect tool for keeping your methodology and messaging consistent. Consistency helps drive your business in a successful direction and keeps your clients returning to you instead of checking out your competitors.

By training your team to use a sales script, you ensure everyone is following the same protocols and selling the same message. And you’re not only locking down what your workers are saying; you’re ensuring consistency within your own brand.

Choosing the Right Messaging for Your Sales Scripts

Word choice is very crucial when forming a script, and a weak script will have little to no value. Using the right words will lead your prospect down the desired path, putting them in the right frame of mind to listen to what you have to say. Your language should directly correspond to your goal and target audience. 

It is important to always remember and respect the person on the other end of the phone. The purpose of a cold call is to build trust, choose your words carefully!

It Keeps You in Control of Conversation Flow 

Many salespeople get into difficulties when the person on the other end of the line begins to exert dominance over the conversation. When your sales team is prepared and already has an idea of what they’re going to say, they open the door for stronger engagement with potential clients. 

A common misconception about sales scripts is that they cause the salesperson to over-talk. We have found the opposite to be true – sales scripts allow you to be a better listener. 

If your team already has responses memorized and ready to share, they’ll be more intent on listening to exactly what questions or concerns a lead raises during their conversation. There is nothing worse than a sales rep feeling the unnerving consequence of losing control as they become stuck or cannot find an immediate answer. 

With a script, you won’t need to worry about what to say next, just follow the flow! You are more likely to have positive encounters when you stay in control of the conversation flow. Positive encounters lead to more second meetings and ultimately, higher conversion rates. 

Training and Improvement

Improvement is imperative in sales. Sales scripts allow you to consistently analyze your messaging to determine what works and what you need to change. It is always a continuous process of testing and figuring out new ways to connect and interact with your prospects.

And perhaps the most important reason to have a sales script is that it allows you to duplicate the success of your best salespeople. Naturally, some people will have more sales skills than others, but using a script that everyone can learn allows you to take advantage of the best ideas and make more sales.

No matter your previous views on sales scripts, it’s clear that they can be an invaluable tool for your sales force by maintaining your message and fully preparing your sales development reps and salespeople. 

Having trouble writing your own sales script? We can help! 

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