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Trust Call: Why I Believe It’s One of The Best Books on Cold Calling

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Trust Call: Rethinking Traditional Tactics for a Human-to-Human Connection in Cold Calling

Trust Call is the first publicly available book on a fully comprehensive and connected cold call methodology. Touching every part of the gamut from philosophy to frameworks, the method is designed for salespeople, managers, leadership, and entrepreneurs to finally have a proven message for building trust with potential customers and setting up quality next steps towards sales development goals.

Why did I write a book on cold calling?

I wrote this book because I realized cold calling is so underdeveloped. Everyone in sales, including myself,  needs a framework for calling that helps set  the highest number of appointments without ever losing relationships. I was so jaded by the profession in my early career because I thought the only way I could sell someone is if I did something against my own conscience. I no longer believe that is the case and I think it starts with cold calling in a way that builds trust with prospects, rather than leaves them doing something they might regret later. 

What will you learn from Trust Call

You will gain 3 things after reading this. You will have a new perspective on cold calling to help you understand its wild world both from the salesperson’s perspective and also the prospect’s. You’ll also have a new appreciation and respect for the craft because you will see, being human to human isn’t just about being respectful to prospects, but it is also about respecting ourselves and holding our ground. Lastly, you will learn the philosophy, strategies, and tactics of a call to prepare a foundation for success when you go back out into the markets. 

To take the practical application further, let’s start with what a method is. A method is a system and process to be repeated for success. This method covers philosophy as a basis for why we call, why it is hard to call, and the principles we should live by when calling. It then covers the strategies of a call, or the overarching aims or objectives we are trying to reach in top performing results. Then it dives into the tactics of calling, or the individual calling frameworks based upon the markets we’re reaching out to. While many books dive into techniques, tips and tricks, I’ve decided to leave that for another book on this topic in the future. Trust Call is about the foundation script frameworks to get ourselves in a conversation with a prospect. If we don’t learn the fundamentals how can we be advanced?

How Trust Call began

After taking some time off, I decided to enter back into the sales world. I was providing sales training in the early days, writing cold call scripts, and training sales teams. I knew there was a better way to have success in cold calling. The challenge I was facing was that I wasn’t going to learn how to cold call for the masses fast enough, there were just too many industries that required variation. I needed to learn personas, products, and prospective targets. When my customers started asking if I would make the calls for them, an opportunity arose. After all, they love the training and the scripts, but they said they never really ever wanted to do the cold calling anyway. 

So, after a few conversations with a handful of clients, I started hiring a team to do the cold calls. We would test scripts, rewrite them, refine them and eventually find success with them. We kept going back to the drawing board anytime we came up with something new, and began creating new frameworks. After hundreds of thousands of calls, we developed three solid frameworks to use based upon the target industry and the industry calling from. This became a basis for calling. It is not tips, tricks and techniques, there’s plenty of that out there. I’m sure I’ll provide that eventually, but this is going backwards to help us with our why and begin with foundations, philosophies and frameworks that are based on hundreds of thousands of calls and thousands of appointments set in 50 different industries. This is how I started developing what I believe to be one of the best books on cold calling available today.

Why is this one of the best books on cold calling?

I wish this was not one of the best books on cold calling. It is way too late in the game for there to not be a comprehensive cold calling methodology book covering philosophy to frameworks publicly available. Not only does this book cover the widest range of topics on cold calling foundations, it is also based in the widest and deepest range of Industries called from and called into in the B2B space. 

It is also relevant to the 21st century, course-correcting the outdated sales techniques of the ’70s through the ’90s. This book places cold calling in a professional league, and not a hacked together method that was given to you on a piece of paper by your boss.

Lastly, this book is based on real cold calling data and experience. We used our team at Superhuman Prospecting to collect data and gather feedback from hundreds of thousands of cold calls and tens of thousands of appointments set in different markets to begin piecing together frameworks best suited for specific markets. 

What do sales professionals have to say about Trust Call?

“For decades, cold calling has functioned with the same care as a drunk frat boy about to try an early morning balcony backflip. Shout, “YOLO,” take the leap, and brace for pain because you know it isn’t likely to end well. Trust Call challenges this reckless business practice and breathes new life into an activity that has remained largely unchanged for longer than most readers of this book have been alive. We have sophisticated processes and systems for engaging customers in every other stage of their decision journeys, yet when it comes to making initial contact with a prospect, we’ve stooped to essentially advising salespeople to do the wrong thing with such vigorous frequency that eventually they can win the “numbers game.” No, call me idealistic, but we should be trying to do the wrong thing less often, maybe even never! Trust Call tells us we need to do better. More than that – it shows us how to do better.”

Dr. Willy Bolander, Professor at Texas A&M and Host of the Sales Lab Podcast, says

“For any business looking to harness the power of person-to-person sales calls,Trust Call offers a unique and valuable perspective on how to drive revenue through outreach strategies. I have personally experienced the benefits of this crucial mindset as a client of Ryan’s for the past 3 years. The results are black and white, the strategy is proven and shows results, and any business can benefit from reading this remarkable book. There are mundane “cold call” strategies and then there is Trust Call.”

Kevin Fein, VP Strategic Sales at Moen says,

About me

I started Superhuman Prospecting in January of 2017. It wasn’t named that then, but the call service started at that time. Before that, I was doing sales Consulting on my own. Now, our team is 45 employees and have kept the consulting side to help drive and advance cold calling as a profession.  I hope to advance cold calling and the sales profession as a whole and would love to be a sales professor one day. I also own, manage and play on a men’s amateur, semi-pro soccer team in the Philadelphia region called Philadelphia Heritage. I’m very busy between the two, but they both work off of each other in ways that I didn’t realize were possible. I gain organizational and professional skills from Superhuman Prospecting, and I gain leadership, performance, and teamwork skills from Philadelphia Heritage.

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