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How Do I Build a Great Sales Sequence?

When it comes to maximizing customer conversions, it can be difficult to design a sequence that gets you great results. Here are the top takeaways for crafting and managing sales sequences for your business.

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Is your sales sequence not getting the engagement you hoped for? Studies show that sales teams who don’t automate their sales sequences have lower sales, decreased productivity, and are more likely to miss revenue targets. With sequence-building software, you can automate follow-ups, increase engagement and catch your prospects at the best time in your sales process.  

Building Your Best Sales Sequence

Sales sequences are a series of automated workflows that can take the place of cold calls, emails, or social touches, built to engage and interact with a prospect in your sales process.

The more you can automate these touchpoints, the easier it will be to manage your cold outreach. With these sequences, you can guide your sales development team, build your sales pipeline, and close more deals. 

When it comes to maximizing customer conversions, your sales team must know exactly which touchpoints to reach and when to engage. With so many factors to consider, it can be difficult to design a sequence that gets you great results. Here are the top takeaways for crafting and managing sales sequences for your business. 

Your sales sequence should be a guide:

As a sales manager, it is essential to have guidelines for your reps when making sales sequences. If you don’t have a solid sales strategy, you should start there first. Once you are ready to build your strategy, it must be managed properly.

  • Make sure you aren’t building the same sequences over and over 
  • Measure, measure, measure
  • Continuously sharpen your strategy for the best results 

Don’t be afraid to stand out:
You should look to incorporate personalization and stand out from your competition by testing different strategies – such as sales pitch videos or personalized voice messages. Try not to overcomplicate your messaging but don’t be afraid to try new things.

Select your sales sequence triggers 

A trigger event is an occurrence that creates an opening for a sales opportunity. Certain events can act as sequence triggers that tell your sales team to take action. You need to know the challenges your prospects face and how your solution will help them solve those issues. 

Build sequences around different personas

Selecting a target audience to sell your product or service to is key to any sales sequence strategy. Here, spraying and praying won’t work. Start by selecting your ideal customer profile (ICP) and zero in on the pain points they face day-to-day. Then, think about how your product or service could help them deal with these pain points. 

Create a good subject line

Good subject lines help spark the interest of your prospect. You need to communicate the promise of a solution while being just vague enough so they continue reading your message. A good subject line boosts your open rate while also increasing engagement. 

Add social to your sequence

Add steps to your sequence for interacting with prospects on social media. This connection is often more genuine and can help you establish a better relationship with your prospects. Use the information you gather to create messaging that best resonates with your prospect and the solution you bring to the table. 

Using the right sales sequence software 

The right software acts as a guide, directing your sales team through your cold outreach strategy. It should fit your overall sales process, your team goals, and have a good adoption rate. These tools are important for properly managing your sales sequences as you move your prospects down the funnel.

What is Sales Sequence Software?

A sequencing tool is software or an automated application used to execute sequences involving a particular sales channel or a mixture of channels.

For example, email sequence software can only be used for email sales campaigns while other technologies drive channels such as email, phone calls, LinkedIn InMail, and text messages. 

Top Rated Sales Sequencing Software

We sourced the web looking for the highest-rated tools and software and put together a list. Check it out below. 


With SalesGear you can nurture any leads that sign up on your platform with a tailor-made sequence across channels such as email, LinkedIn, phone calls, SMS, etc. You can also automate your playbooks for both outbound and inbound leads and it integrates directly with Hubspot. 


In Close, you have a dedicated section for your Sequences. On the main page, you can see which sequences you have set up and are active, what kind of results those sequences are getting, and any pending sequence tasks (such as calls) that are assigned to each sales rep. 

Another multi-channel sales cadence builder, lets you contact prospects via email, phone call, SMS, WhatsApp, or LinkedIn. With a direct connection to Zapier, you can automate outreach across virtually any platform. You can even search for new prospects on LinkedIn and add them to a sales sequence without leaving the browser with the Reply Chrome extension. In addition, each stage of your sales cycle will be analyzed in detail.

With Salesloft you can easily gather insights from each interaction in the buyer’s journey. This can help you analyze and optimize every touchpoint or sequence to drive more engagement and replicate your sales team’s success. 

Using this sales engagement software, you can create customized multi-channel outreach workflows that are tailored to your market and your team. Create a new cadence from scratch, clone an existing one, or use the Blueprint feature to find a template that you can customize to fit your individual workflow.
With you can fully customize your sales sequences or use one as a suggested template. This software lets you make cross-object rules to govern your sequences to help integrate with your sales process. You can set rules based on custom fields, stages, and triggers. Or activities at the Lead or Account level. You can also set filters based on persona, industry, last funding, or account stage.

A multi-channel sales engagement platform that helps you schedule follow-ups and engage your leads systematically across email, call, social media, and text. Their advanced dialers also enable you to execute your multi-channel follow-up strategy at scale by making a large volume of phone calls to keep up with the volume of emails you are getting. 


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