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Case Study: Professional Services Lead Generation

Case study providing insights and results from one of our professional services lead generation clients cold calling in the education sector.

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In today’s highly competitive business landscape, effective lead generation is crucial for sustained growth and success. For one print management advisory company, strategic cold calling proved to be a game-changer in fueling their sales pipeline and expanding their client base. In this post, we will share more insights from our client’s campaign as they partnered with SHP to harness the power of cold calling in the education sector.

About The Client

The client is an Independent Print Management Advisory Firm that helps education, commercial and government organizations save time and money on copiers, printers and Managed Print Services. They provide 100% vendor-neutral services that typically save their clients hundreds-of-thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours while still working with their local copy/print vendors.

Expanding Reach through Targeted Cold Calling

With a rich history spanning over several decades, our client had established themselves as a trusted provider of print management solutions. They sought our expertise at Superhuman Prospecting to develop a targeted cold calling campaign that would enable them to engage with decision-makers in schools across the country.

Drawing on our extensive experience in lead generation for consulting companies and understanding of the education market, we crafted a customized cold calling strategy tailored to their objectives. Our dedicated team of skilled sales professionals engaged in many discussions and strategy sessions to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of the client’s offerings and the unique pain points faced by school districts.

The Power of Past Industry Experience and Market Expertise

Armed with a comprehensive list of vetted leads provided by our client, our cold calling team embarked on a mission to connect with key stakeholders in K-12 school districts. Leveraging their expertise in outbound prospecting, our team engaged in meaningful conversations with decision-makers, showcasing the value and benefits of our client’s print management services.

The success of our cold calling campaign can be attributed to many factors including previous industry experience and market expertise. By taking the time to understand the specific challenges and requirements of school districts, our team was able to tailor their messaging and solutions accordingly. This personalized approach resonated with school administrators and helped generate quality leads and appointments.

Our past experience in the education sector allowed us to provide valuable insights and recommendations during these conversations. By demonstrating our expertise and understanding of their unique needs, we built trust and credibility with the school districts, positioning our client as a reliable and knowledgeable print management partner.

In order to foster meaningful connections and create a lasting impression, our client, in coordination with Superhuman Prospecting, implemented a unique strategy, which was the use of a puzzle. Recognizing the importance of building relationships and standing out in a competitive market, they devised a unique way to engage with their target audience.

The puzzle serves as a tangible representation of the intricate process involved in optimizing print services. It features a 3D map that challenges recipients to navigate through a series of steps, mirroring the steps our client takes to provide consultative print management solutions.

With their logo prominently displayed on the front, the puzzle becomes a powerful marketing tool that sparks curiosity and captures attention. Recipients not only receive a visually appealing item but also a hands-on experience that keeps them engaged and encourages them to explore further.

By incorporating this puzzle into their outbound efforts, our client achieves multiple objectives. First, it serves as a memorable icebreaker, providing our cold callers a fun way to initiate conversations and build rapport with potential clients. The puzzle becomes a talking point, providing a natural segue into discussions about print management needs and challenges.

Lead generation for consulting companies can be extremely challenging, so adding this other strategy really supported our cold calling efforts and helped our team stand out.

Measurable Success and Lasting Partnerships

The impact of our cold calling efforts was not only evident in the increased number of appointments secured but also in the measurable success achieved by our client. By leveraging our expertise in lead generation for consulting companies, the additional amount of qualified leads and sales appointments also led to sales and revenue growth.

Furthermore, our client benefited from the long-lasting partnerships formed through our cold calling efforts. By fostering meaningful connections with decision-makers in school districts, they gained access to invaluable market insights and feedback. This allowed them to refine their services and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Results of our Professional Services Lead Generation Campaign

  • Months: 18
  • Dials Made: 5598
  • Decision-maker Conversations: 259
  • Leads Generated: 85
  • Appointments Set: 38

Over the course of 18 months (and still going), Superhuman Prospecting was able to generate 85 leads and 38 appointments for our client. This has resulted in several closed sales over the span of the campaign.

Reaching school administrators can be a real challenge, as seen by the conversations-on-dials rate of 4.6%, so having quality conversations was critical. Our team relied on our experienced SDR’s and H2H Sales Scripts Methodology to convert an above-average rate of 14.68% of those decision-maker conversations into qualified appointments.

Our client consistently sees a return on investment and continues to work with Superhuman Prospecting for professional services lead generation.

The Future of Print Management and Collaborative Growth

As we look to the future, SHP remains committed to fueling the growth and success of our client in the dynamic print management landscape. We recognize that the industry is ever-evolving, and new challenges and opportunities will arise. Through ongoing collaboration and innovative strategies, we aim to empower our client to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge.


The partnership between SHP and our client showcases the transformative impact of strategic cold calling in the print management industry. Through personalized approaches, market expertise, and a relentless focus on customer acquisition, our client experienced remarkable growth and success. By leveraging our professional services lead generation and targeted cold calling campaign, they expanded their reach in the education sector, securing valuable partnerships with K-12 school districts nationwide.

The measurable results achieved through our efforts speak volumes. Increased appointment rates, a surge in qualified leads, and revenue growth are just some of the tangible outcomes our client enjoyed. Beyond the numbers, the enduring relationships formed with school administrators have provided invaluable market insights and feedback, allowing for continuous improvement and innovation.

Looking ahead, SHP remains dedicated to supporting our client’s journey in the ever-changing print management landscape. We will continue to explore emerging technologies, leveraging data analytics, and staying informed of industry trends to provide actionable recommendations and drive operational efficiency.

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