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The Human-To-Human Methodology in Sales & Marketing

Humans. So simple and yet, very complicated. With so much focus on technology and data, are we losing connection with ourselves and our customers?

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So simple and yet, very complicated.
With so much focus on technology and data, are we losing connection with ourselves and our customers?

It’s no secret we live in a technology-centric world.
Dashboards, platforms, and channels play a huge role in how we conduct business and form relationships.
In the race to digitalize and automate, we can quickly lose sight of the humans behind the numbers.

After all, data is just human behavior in numerical form. And in the fast-paced world of sales and marketing, professionals are constantly torn between what is best for the company and what is best for the customer.

So, how do we continue to push for high results while still maintaining and respecting the relationship with our customers?


with Human-to-Human (H2H) Methodology!! 

What is the H2H Methodology?

Since 2014, our parent company, Pereus Marketing has been on a mission to rectify the sales and marketing industry of stigmas and terrible business practices that put profit over people. Dedicated to bringing humanity back to the sales industry through trust-building, transparency, and feedback, H2H Methodology focuses on building trust and relationships through natural conversation. 

Today, Superhuman Prospecting helps carry over the real-world application of the H2H Methodology to create a more enjoyable sales experience, while outperforming old school techniques that come off as pushy, slimy, or aggressive. This primary strategy is to maintain and strive for the highest level of sales performance while committing to a human approach that opposes inducing customer regret or buyer’s remorse. 

It’s an art, a science, and a little psychology, but most of all – it’s HUMAN nature. At the end of the day, sales and marketing are all about community. 

“We hope to advance the sales profession by helping account executives, sales leaders, and marketing reps add an element of the H2H methodology to their conversations,” says Founder & CEO of Pereus Marketing and Superhuman Prospecting, Ryan Pereus. He notes, “Humans have the ability to forgive, see things in a new way, let bygones be bygones; and most importantly for salespeople – they incessantly desire things considered valuable.” 

The H2H conversation is unlike any other because it breaks through the strongest barriers of the “salesperson stigma” and penetrates the shell that has been scarred over hundreds of times – whether that is from personal experience, societal norms, or the media and entertainment industry. 

Trust is Key

“Trust is the catalyst in changing how we speak to other humans when connecting buyers to value. If we speak to humans as they are, understanding what’s important and priority to them, we can provide an experience that builds trust again faster than any other source.” -Ryan Pereus

Consumers are increasingly wary of salespeople and selling tactics, which is why the importance of building trust and sales ethics is higher than ever before.

Relationships take effort. At work or at home, you have to add value upfront to create long term relationships. Professionals in the sales and marketing industry have to work twice as hard at building trust and relationships over other professions due to the slimy sales stigma and aggressive and pushy tactics of the past.  

With H2H Methodology, we must remember that while we are reading the customer’s behavior, the customer is also reading us and making assumptions about our intent. 

We’re at a disadvantage because our role is to “sell,” and the customer knows it. Our behaviors have to clearly show our openness and collaboration, without necessarily agreeing with the customer. It doesn’t matter who is making headlines for bad decisions, unethical or illegal practices-there will always be some event that triggers a crisis in trust.

To overcome all of these obstacles, you need to have the proper messaging to remain clear, consistent, and trustworthy. 

The Unveiling of H2H Sales Scripts

(If you think sales scripts are useless, this blog isn’t for you. Click here.) 

Realizing the need to build more trust around the industry, Ryan created the H2H Sales Scripts as a guardrail for custom, 21st-century sales conversations. H2H Sales Scripts lives on the premise that there are two primary variables impacting a majority of performance within human-to-human sales and marketing efforts – targeting and messaging. 

Targeting answers the question, “Who are we selling to?”

While messaging answers, “What are we saying to provide value?”

Customers are smart, aware, and are looking for more than just a transaction! It’s the 21st-century! Value isn’t in the exchange of a commodity, it’s everything that happens from the first contact to final delivery. 

Are you putting in the effort to build a real relationship? 

  • Will you make the extra revision for them? 
  • Will you hang on the call with your client / customer the extra 5 minutes to give them everything? 
  • Are you actively listening to what they are experiencing? 

The H2H Sales Scripts have a consistent strategy in all channels whether it be a cold conversation over the phone, a gatekeeper conversation, email copy, a sales presentation or demo, a sales closing, or a variety of other sales conversational scenarios. 

H2H isn’t just about the first sale, it’s about always selling customer satisfaction. This allows you to push for high results (i.e. a quota or target) while still maintaining a strong human-to-human connection. 

This is the 21st-century! You need to make sure your message resonates, excites, and provides value to your customers. The results will speak for themselves.

Technology is important, of course! But when we get to the point where automation takes over your engagement and relationship – we must take a step back and look at how we are conducting business.

Whatever you do – Don’t sell like this guy….

Need help bringing your professional sales messaging into real conversation formats? 

We can help with that. 

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