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Meet Our Superhuman Team: Rich Thomas

Meet Rich Thomas, Director of Staff here at Superhuman Prospecting.

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As Director of Staff, Rich oversees Human Resources, Corporate Training, and Client SDR operations, as well as daily team functions. He brings a fresh, creative perspective, high energy, and an encyclopedia of knowledge to SHP, with over 20 years of experience managing high-performing sales & marketing teams.

Getting his start in the wireless industry, Rich was able to build a solid foundation of sales skills working for leading companies like Nextel and AT&T. Most recently, he found success leading sales divisions throughout the Philadelphia and Delaware region, spending 14 consecutive months as the top-ranked market in the Northeast. 

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Rich currently resides in the Northeast suburbs with his two amazing kids, ages 12 and 7. He grew up playing a wide variety of sports, although, he claims his body will “literally fall apart” if he tries to attempt snowboarding, playing football, or wrestling again. (Very relatable, if you ask us!)

We asked Rich if there was anything else he would like to share and he wants you all to know… Your lower jaw has weight, it requires effort to hold it up.
(And if you think that’s good, you should hear his SHP Science Facts of the Week!)

A Short Q&A with Rich Thomas:

What Do You Enjoy Doing When You Are Not Working?

Spending time with my family first and foremost. I enjoy every second I have with my kids because before I know it they’ll be too cool to hang out with me! I’m also big into reading. I’ve probably read close to 30 novels in the last year.

What’s The Best Piece Of Sales Advice You’ve Heard Recently?

Not necessarily “sales advice” per se, but my brother-in-law imparted some wisdom to me when I was in my early twenties.

He told me “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.” That always stuck with me. Anytime I get anxious or fearful over something I need to do, I think of those words and push through the self-doubt.

Are You An Early Bird Or Night Owl?

Early bird for sure. I’m up almost daily by 6:30 AM without having to set an alarm. 

If You Could Live Anywhere In The World For A Year For Free, Where Would You Choose?

I love the outdoors and I love cold weather so I’d probably choose somewhere with an amazing view in Alaska.

Tell Us What Inspires You. Want To Share A Favorite Quote?

“Heroes aren’t born. You just go out there and grind it out.
You fail and you look foolish and you just keep grinding.
There is nothing else. There is no ‘chosen one’, there is no destiny, nobody wakes up one day and finds out they’re amazing at something. There’s just slamming your head into the wall, refusing to take no for an answer. Being relentless, until either the wall or your head breaks.
You want to be a hero? You don’t have to make some grand decision.
There’s no inspirational music, there’s no montage. You just don’t quit.”

-David Wong, Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits

What Motivates You To Do What You Do Here At SHP? How Do You Contribute To A Positive Customer Experience?

My children are my motivation for everything and I’m doing everything I can to provide them with the best shot at a future. I contribute to the customer experience through my coaching and guidance. I’m always looking for opportunities to help our team grow, develop and learn. I just want to help bring the best out of our people!

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