Superhuman Sales Glossary

  • Accolade- A ranking, referral, or accomplishment that sets you apart in the marketplace.
  • ​​Account Executive (AE)– A business development representative (BDR) is a sales specialist focusing on finding new prospects, establishing foundational relationships, and refreshing the sales pipeline with new leads for account executives.
  • B2B- An acronym for Business-to-Business, a model for selling, relationship-building, or engagement.
  • B2C- Business-to-Consumer, a model for selling, relationship-building, or engagement.
  • Business Development Representative (BDR)- Is responsible for generating new business opportunities. BDRs are responsible for qualifying leads and prospecting through existing business accounts to engage with prospective buyers.
  • BuyerA buyer is an individual or organizational entity that purchases a product or subscribes to a service.
  • Calling Prop (CP)- A step in a cold call focused on sparking interest in a product or service, speaking to a specific pain point. 
  • Cold Email- A cold email is used to engage a prospect who has had no prior knowledge about or contact with the salesperson sending the email.
  • Commission The amount of money a sales professional earns for reaching a specific sales volume or for executing one or more business transactions.
  • Conversion The process of turning a lead into a paying customer, found by using a formula. (Money + Time Spent) / Number of Customers Acquired
  • Customer Acquisition Cost- Refers to the cost of acquiring a new customer.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)- Refers to the technology used to manage company and client relationships, interactions, and customer data.
  • Decision-MakerIs a person who possesses the required expertise and authority in making purchase decisions.
  • Dialer- A computer software, application or electronic device that automates the process of making phone calls.
  • Differen​tiating Feature- A fact or attribute about an offering that sets it apart or makes it uni​que to the marketplace​
  • Discovery Call The first call with a potential customer, designed to determine if they are a good fit for your offering. 
  • FeatureA fact or attribute about an offering that sets it apart or makes it uni​que to the marketplace. 
  • Gatekeeper- A label for a person that controls access to a person or company with the ability to make decisions or influence the decision-maker. 
  • Human-to-Human Methodology Is a movement to add humanity to sales processes and positions that have been seemingly denounced and neglected for years. 
  • Human-to-Human Sales ScriptsA cold calling script using the H2H Sales Methodology, designed to be used as a guardrail for beginners and seasoned sales professionals alike, to translate company messaging into an easy-to-use conversation format for 21st century selling. ​
  • Hone-In (HI)- A step in a cold call used to begin a conversation & identify use status of product/service being offered by asking a question directed around pain and familiarity with the offering. 
  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)Refers to a person who possesses all the desirable attributes (such as gender, age, location, financial capacity, etc.) that increase the possibility of making a purchase.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)The most relevant measurements that indicate whether an organization or individual has succeeded at achieving targets or a desired level of performance.
  • Lead- A lead refers to a prospect or potential customer that exhibits interest in your service or product; or any additional information about such entity.
  • Lead Generation-  A set of activities designed to generate interest around a product or service. 
  • Lead Qualification- The process of determining whether a potential customer has the characteristics of your company’s ideal client. 
  • Messaging- In cold calling, messaging answers the question, “What are we saying to provide value?” 
  • Next Step (NXTS)- A step in a cold call, used to identify the upcoming process in the sales funnel. ​Always ask for next steps in accordance to pre call strategy identified
  • Objection- Refers to a position, statement or view of a prospect which indicates reservation about or disagreement with a particular aspect or the entirety of your sales pitch, lessening the likelihood of a purchase.
  • Outbound – Refers to a process where the seller directly initiates contact with a prospect customer. 
  • Pipeline- Refers to the visual representation of the stages a prospect follows in the sales process
  • Prospecting- The process of searching for and finding potential buyers. 
  • Quick Prop (QP)- A step in a cold call designed to move the decision-maker into the right frame of mind to think & keep them on phone by describing a lite feature or benefit. 
  • Quota– Is a predefined benchmark indicating the amount of sales a selling unit such as a sales rep or a regional sales team should achieve within a given period.
    Referral- Refers the act of a third party sharing information about your product or service to another, generating a lead. 
  • Sales Cycle- Is a repeating process characterized by a predictable sequence of stages that a company undergoes as it sells its products and services to customers.
  • Sales Enablement- A strategic process that provides a company’s sales professionals with tools, technology, training and other resources that improve their performance at customer engagement and at generating value for all stakeholders in the sales process.
  • Tangible Benefit- A result, identifiable value, or an impact to the business that is measurable. 
  • Targeting- The process involving the strategic identification and engagement of a specific group. Targeting answers the question, “Who are we selling to?” 
  • Trust Umbrella- A visual representation of the H2H framework that gives sales reps the ability to move through a cold call conversation, which focuses on never losing trust with the prospect or lead.
  • Value Proposition- Is a means for delivering the most value to the prospect to drive and spark interest more than any other time in the conversation.

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Dhanur Sapolia Founder, Tech Consulting Firm

With the help of the Superhuman Prospecting team's comprehensive process, we were able to get more leads into our sales funnel. The clients that I have now wouldn't have been possible without SHP's help

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Andrew Zai President, Commercial Plumbing Co.

They helped me generate some leads for my plumbing business. The campaign was very well structured and organized, and they had great customer service, easy to get a hold of and communicative.

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Kahl Orr Owner, Digital Marketing Co.

Superhuman Prospecting ran our first outbound cold call campaign and we're pleased with the results. Our pitch was very nuanced and their team put in the effort to really understand how to communicate our value proposition. Will be back for more.

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Shane Dredge Regional Manager, 2-10 Home Buyers

Superhuman Prospecting is a tremendous value when it comes to turning a sales campaign over to a 3rd party and really all of the services they provide. The accountability, communication, flexibility and leadership are tremendous. Our company is using them on a long term contract because of these reasons. Highly recommended

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March Jae Sales Director

I give 5 Star to Superhuman Prospecting because of the results they produced for my project which was very challenging to start with. Very detail oriented and transparent. Definitely the marketing company that you can build a long term relationship with

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Ginger Jones Owner, Care Management Consulting Co.

The team at Superhuman Prospecting was a pleasure to work with. They had no trouble meeting deadlines and were helpful in making suggestions to alter our campaign.

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Tyler Shaw Sales Partner, Digital Marketing Co.

We have been using superhuman for the past two weeks and they have been a pleasure working with. They are setting up ideal meetings for us. Very pleased with them this far. I look forward to seeing the results they can bring us!! 10/10 recommend, I believe their services will be a game changer to our sales organization!

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Corinne Butler Director of Sales, CBD Company

John and the team were great to work with, highly recommend.

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Dan Schwartz Owner, Ecommerce Company

Worked perfectly for the job we needed them for. Super prompt and on top of everything. Highly recommended.

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Scott Clark Owner, Online Directory

We saw a huge success from the campaigns with Superhuman Prospecting. I'd highly recommend them for your prospecting needs.

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Ben Wilkin Sales Consultant, Laboratory Testing Co.

I've been working with Ryan and his group and Superhuman for over 2 years. Excellent work, service, responsiveness, etc. I would recommend to anyone needing sales support.

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