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Keep calm and Sell on: How to scale through a pandemic – 10 Weeks In

Written by VP of Operations, Vernon Madison. Every day is still a new adventure.  From the days of trying to find toilet paper, to now waiting in long lines for food.  The initial shock of the global economy being hit hard with an invisible enemy is over, but what does that mean for your business now?   While change has always been the only constant in business, we’ve never felt a change like this – and its still happening.  We know this pandemic has forced some

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Traits of the Best Cold Caller Ever

By CEO of Superhuman Prospecting (SHP), Ryan Pereus. Published May 7, 2020. What makes the best cold caller ever? The “cold calling” skill is key in the sales development rep tool kit. The ability to convert conversations with stakeholders or decision makers is so essential to the effectiveness of sales people as much of the prep work and planning is designed to get you to this critical conversation. I asked those in my network on LinkedIn what they thought were the top traits of the

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Helping you unpack B2B appointment setting rate standards during a pandemic

appointment setting Rates During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic – Week 1 – 3.16-3.20

Last week, we confronted the single greatest week of uncertainty from clients and potential clients we have ever faced as a company in the last 3 years of providing outsourced, sales development prospecting calls. It sucked. However, our team at Superhuman Prospecting didn’t waiver. We accepted, learned, adapted. Many of our team members met together to share stories, experiences, results, and adjustments made. Collectively, we had the best week of appointment setting in recent history. While we have typically held our cards close, here is

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How to Keep Your Business Moving

Cold Calling Through the Coronavirus

As of today, COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus has infected only .0013% of the Earth’s population, and yet we are already seeing industry impacts worldwide. Last week, we heard several international and domestic trade shows were cancelled due to the virus.  Many businesses  are depending on industry trade shows as a primary source for their networking, lead generation, appointment setting, and ultimately sales to grow their businesses. Attendees are looking for vendors that can help them with processes, growth, products, technology, compliance, and more. It can be projected there will

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Setting Appointments In Commercial Insurance Industry

Commercial Insurance Appointment Setting Project | CASE STUDY

We’ve been providing ongoing B2B appointment setting with a commercial insurance company in the Midwest.  The following is a case study rendered to help those interested in using outbound prospecting or cold call services to understand how it can work for their business. Here we identify the pain or issue the client was having, the primary objective given to Superhuman Prospecting (SHP), the strategy developed, the execution explained, and the results generated. If you have questions about this case study, or would like to discuss,

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