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Meet Our Superhuman Team: Frank Grace

Meet Frank, our Dynamic Optimization Coordinator. He manages the daily call schedule for our sales reps and coordinates lead quality initiatives.

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Meet Frank, our Dynamic Optimization Coordinator here at Superhuman Prospecting. He manages the daily call schedule for our sales reps and coordinates lead quality initiatives with SHP Corporate Trainers.

Frank started with our team as a Client SDR before being quickly promoted to managing two of the most complicated tasks here at SHP. As we continue to grow his team, Frank remains an invaluable asset, always keeping processes running smoothly, while juggling numerous details.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio Frank now resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife, Anniesha. He has been working in the sales industry for over 5 years now but you may be surprised to learn that he has a degree in Media Production and enjoys filmmaking. Go ahead and ask about his record in our SHP Fantasy Football League… or if you’re looking to debate whether Dez caught that ball.
Keep reading for a short Q& A with Frank!

What Do You Enjoy Doing When You Are Not Working?

Newly married, so it’s pretty cool to spend quality time with my wife. I also really enjoy watching, editing, and making films.

What’s The Best Piece Of Sales Advice You’ve Heard Recently?

Some of the best advice I’ve heard recently is to be sure of yourself and assertive, but not aggressive.

Are You An Early Bird Or Night Owl?

Both – I barely sleep.

If You Could Live Anywhere In The World For A Year For Free, Where Would You Choose?

I think I would choose London or Nigeria.

Tell Us What Inspires You, Or Provide Your Favorite Inspirational Quote. 

Pandora, whoever you are!! Thank You!! I get tweets about you playing my music all the time!!”
(When Tyrese Gibson thanked Pandora for playing his music.)

What Motivates You To Do What You Do Here and How You Contribute to the Customer Experience.

All of our SDRs inspire me more than they know. I love to see their process and how much they grow throughout their calls. It makes my day when someone gets an appointment because I know how hard they work for our clients.

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